Weight Comparison: Rota Slip Stream vs Enkei RPF1 vs Stock Si Wheels vs Spare

Just thought I’d do a little weight comparison for anyone who may be interested.

Rota Slip Stream 15×8.0 +40 w/ MH Slicks 24.5×8.5-15 = 28 pounds
Stock Si wheels 17×7.0 +45 w/ 225/45/17 tires = 48 pounds
Enkei RPF1 17×8.0 +35 w/ 230/40/17 tires = 39 pounds
Stock Spare wheel w/ tires = 29 pounds


Curt El says:

i hate black wheels..just so plain jane…

Dodge LeBelle says:

that tyre is killing the light weight of the rpf1 enkeis….. how much do the slip streams weigh? ie the track tyre is also likely lighter than typical street rubber so somewhat not a fair comparison w/the other tyres tested i run a 205/40-17 for a good reason; its one of the lightest tyres when you factor in tyre weight, which clearly ‘needs’ to be done.

ken anderson says:

Inaccurate scale

CutchIt says:

Very nice

Bboy4LifeEndless says:

the 17×8.0 +35 rpf1 did you need to roll ? i’m thinking about getting myself a pair but i’m at stock height, you think ill be good with 17×8 ?

john Hsu says:

all the wheels and tires are different sizes, that’s not comparing, that’s just showing off how many lbs those things are,

Chris Cleveland says:

Why compare the weight of wheels with different widths, sizes and tires? Doesnt actually tell you anything about the wheels themselves.

nate hanneman says:

I saw your in sac, what club you in?

don94pgt says:

test would’ve been better without the tires still mounted on the rims.

theblackslcmamba says:

Soooo, just to determine from your variety of wheels and tires. The rpf1’s are far more superior than the other ones since the Rotas are 15 and with slicks and those weighted less than the 17’s

Adam Anson says:

How much air is in all the tires?

TheTongMan says:

I have videos of the enkei and the rota without tires, but not the stock si rims.

Shan2nu says:

Have a you done a rolling acceleration comparison with these wheels?

lumker says:

Hey I’ve been trying to hunt down a set of 15×7 Rota Slipstreams in 5×100 bolt pattern, do you think you could give me a few pointers in trying to find them? Everytime I find one online it turns out to be a knock-off, I actually bought a set of what I thought were slipstreams once (the rims are just supposed to weigh 13-13.5 pounds) and it turned out to be a 16 pound knockoff.

Rugged Smooth says:

+lumker haha rotas are knockoffs haha dumbass

not me says:

RPF1 At 1:23 as your zooming the is a frame that looks like it goes from 37 to 39lbs. then as you start to pull away at the very least it goes back to 38lbs. I think you were leaning on the tire.

Kevin James says:

ha , growing up mom had a sunbeam scale.

Apsheronsk says:

33 lb my weigh r16 & Michelin Primacy 3

Eric Trafton says:

Are rotas good for track use?

Fa5Mengo Thao says:

Wow i might get some Rota SlipStreams then. so light

juniyananajukyu says:

How do the stocks on 225’s drive?

TheTongMan says:

Haha..I may try that!

Swimming Pools says:

I thought stock 8th gen si tires are 215/45/17? Why do you use 225?

Chou Yang says:

This is a stupid comparison because the tires makes a difference in weight too..!

archiei40x says:

So, I thought it was just wheels weight but… too many variables not being taken into account to really compare anything… Obviously the only thing we know for sure is that RPF1 will be lighter than Stock assuming the tire brands/model are the same.

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