Water Transfer Printing Hydrographics Applying Printed Designs To Three-Dimensional Objects

Water Transfer Printing Hydrographics Applying Printed Designs To Three-Dimensional Objects.


Alexandru Sebastian says:


Josh Brown says:

my Lamborghini has camo hydro dipped rims and a lime green body

fannie troch says:

Can you dip a week

Enriquillo says:

What’s the longevity on rims like?

ZapMatt_ Gaming says:

Is there a gold one?

annand mahabir says:

do you need to clear coat after?

Joanna camacho says:

I came here by reaction time

BeatBum Gaming says:

Can this be done but on a smaller scale?

gabe rivera says:

Who came from reation time? Well I did

Ivan Do says:

is it durable? Can it be exposed to sunlight?

ohsnapitzyen says:

1:10 kinda missed a spot there..

rahman kotr says:


RIP Veroizon Killer w says:

My Rims are Hydro Dipped Camo

Akiff Hssn says:

any waterproof phones

Beth Davies says:

Who else came after watching reaction time?

Mr jimjimjimmyjim says:

what did you spray on at the start?

Dillan Jaeb says:

eBay Google shopping it’s the enternet search it if you wanna find out where to get it and how much Jesus people common sense

Erick Parada says:

awesome :3

Thomas Ramos says:

What paper is that you put over the water”.?

manual screen printing says:


ferdi_astroboy says:


Scumyscumbag x says:

I wonder if I can do this with golden and diamond camo

Hayden B says:

does it peel off pretty bad over time?

nick rob says:

the coolest thing i ever seen

homerles says:

Who came from reaction time?

Conker32192 says:

is there a way i can do this at home?

Cruzinthruspace says:

show the whole thing why pause

Drake Bell says:

what type of mechanic job does that? it looks fun

K. PacificNW says:

Humans are so creative.

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