VVIVID Vinyl – How To Vinyl Wrap Car Rims

With VVIVID Vinyl you can pretty much wrap anything! You can vinyl wrap something as simple as a phone case to something as complex as a toilet! We know because it’s been done and one lucky house has their own custom golden throne.

This tutorial shows one of our installers wrapping a BMW M3 rim in VVIVID XPO Matte Black vinyl wrap. Tools used were: a heat-gun (or blowdryer), a standard 3M blue squeegee, a utility knife, an all-purpose cleaner, lint-free wrapping gloves, and a towel.

At VVIVID Vinyl, we’ve always got you covered! Check out our Youtube Channel for other vinyl wrap tutorials, or our website for more information on our products!



h8ncars says:

Any way to wrap the sides and lip without bubbles? I did my interior and some spots have unprovable bubbles to only the installer and or someone who has wrapped before. I heated it plenty.

S B says:

Does this ruin the rim in any way?


ugly finish

John Morales says:

I would have popped out the center caps, wrapped the wheel, and then popped them back in place!

maxsKi Moose says:

The out of time music is so fucking annoying, but nice job.

Bat Man says:

insane!! 🙂

donnie gunn says:


CaligoMilites says:

I’d rather plasti dip.

Quad Prop says:

looks good dude these guys are fucking haters. plasti-dip is stupid it peels of and looks like dick in a few weeks IMO.

fiesty lil mama says:

love it new subcriber now . any bling wrap?

Alex Chiem says:

What are the specs on that wrap i.e. dimensions? Where could I get a piece of wrap like that?

Teakilla Sunrice says:

Going to wrap my fuel cleaver rims. It’s black and I just want the spokes to be mirror chrome. I think it will look sick

Grant Cole says:

It’s wheels not rims

James Kekana says:

How many mm thick is the vinyl??

Maniac Cash says:

how much does this cost?

Aniket Karvir says:

poor job

cpbeavisporter says:

I wanna see a video of someone wrapping a rather deep offset 4wd wheel please, or if it’s even possible. thanks

1GiancarloD says:

Your wraps look good but you need a pro to do these videos. Show that rim at an angle and I bet the wrap doesn’t even go all the way around the rim!

Valentino Colucci says:

you can see the result is good so people who complain !!! upload youre work so we can see it

Kenshin Himura says:

You must have terrible vision. Do you not see how shitty it looks on the edge of the rim? It’s all wrinkled.

Lin Zach says:

I really interested about how long can it stay on the rim without any pop up, maybe about a week?

John Nguyen says:

that definitely hard to do

skankhunt42 says:

das üben wir aber noch mal…pretty bad skills

Ebby Majd says:

Going to peel off in the first 100 miles. Or as soon as it rains.

prololipop says:

the final result looks like shit

barnabi luna says:

How long doe it last on the rim?

Gigine Ahmad says:

lol very ugly

Stephen Richardson says:

Man that’s not right. You applied to much heat. You heated it then stretched it into place. When heat is reapplied ie sunshine it will shrink back when cooling because it has memory. This will result in fingering the edges will ripple and come away. Less heat is better.

rich fortner says:

why not just plasti dip your shit at this point???

The J Media says:

Looks great!

madiha nayla says:

very fucking video

JD says:

Would this stand up to a tyre change?

SawiQiFX says:

How much wrap should you order for 20″ rims?

1pyroace1 says:

What’s the size of the wrap

justinmccabe19 says:

why would anyone wrap wheels? just buy the colour you want.

Lester Hilger says:

can u show me how to do it on a bicycle rim

Nightmare Munoz says:

will this product adhere to MDF wood or would i have to use a spray adhesive also?

Ignacio Arroyo says:

not bad at all. seems simple to do .

majed ss says:

مانوع الورق المستخدم رجاء رد

fuzzybusiness says:

I’m pretty sure that center cap comes off why not remove it prior to wrapping?

stockdrifta says:

I purchased some vivid vinyl and wow, so much harder to work with than 3m, Avery, or arlon. super glossy and looks great once done but seriously frustrating stuff. very unforgiving.

fahad abdulaziz says:

I did not know how to choose the size in the site. Please give me the information to order the product

Qing Yao says:

Can I do this on a laptop or something else?

Kyle Banta says:

way to much heat. it’ll start to finger in a day.

PhoenixFabled says:

Shouldn’t the rim be removed from the tire so you can properly tuck and trim the vinyl?

Charlie Besley says:

How does he not scratch the alloy surface below when you cuts the excess material away with the knife??

juan chavez says:

what size roll do I need for four 18″ rims?

Berto Salcido says:

make it look so easy

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