Vossen Wheels – Tour and How They Are Made!

Thanks to Vossen and ItsWhiteNoise for the opportunity to visit their Miami factory. It’s fascinating to see what goes into forged wheel manufacturing. Special thanks to Rob Ferretti for doubting I would have a video out on Thursday lol

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Hachi Roku says:

shame the wheels look horrible.

Advan A3A’s <3

Tanner Peavler says:

The wheels are nice and all but did he let you touch his beard.

Andrew Pavon says:

now if only I could afford these kinds of wheels haha

Blauer Selbstmord says:

I wish we had seen more of the machining. Metal milling is one of the most satisfying things to watch ever.

Angel Vargas says:

5+ thousand dollars for Vossen wheels and that’s the designer? What a fag. Missing the car videos.

Jochem says:

This is too much for me, I would never dare to drive them..

SuperXCars 247 says:

Wait a minute, did i see the name “John Cena” on the rim (Where the serial number and info is engraved)

Stunt Vist says:

4-rotor update please.

HealthyVlogs says:

Hey i’m just starting up to detail cars, check out my first video!

Dimwit says:

still have the continental?

Loïc says:

Love vossen, but don’t fit my ride

Mark Nope says:

where is it? you know, we don’t, you can and we will watch. the 4 rotor porn you’re making…. I’ve been hard for months

ISSA FD says:

I dont think people realize how much time and effort goes into real wheels… Prime example why they cost so much

Brandon Herrera says:

Nice, I enjoyed it.

Thomas Vachon says:

y u no make 4 rotor vids?

monomerx001 says:

All that machining could have been done on a couple of mill-turns with a sub spindle.

AutoHaven says:

they sure as hell know how to make some beautiful wheels. Cool vid

HawkeyeSTiGuy says:

Look at that sexy concavity. Word. Lol. Great video Rob! I want a set for my STi!! Lol

Kyle Tatum says:

Vossen are overpriced gravity-cast wheels made in China/Taiwan. Only popular because of their marketing

Grid says:

Holy shit Rob Dahm is now giving us “How It’s Made” but for shit we care about. …. Life is complete.

XxJkatxX says:

These guys make some sick wheels I have wanted some on my Accord for awhile

SP Steve says:

I want some FS1’s for my ’16 GT350.

# ItsWhiteNoise says:

That SLS Black Series at the end there looks epic! I’d love to meet the owner

Ishieness says:

Idk about all of you guys but I thought this was pretty cool!

Qaasim830 says:

The music sounds like something from a 1990’s ebony porn montage

Paine says:

lol dude in the beginning looks like Motonosity with a beard.

ed32ification says:


Camden Reau says:

I wish I could afford wheels like those.

Joe Howard says:

Hey look Rob uploaded a video..

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