Top 5 Truck Wheels UNDER $1000

Want to customize your truck without breaking the bank? You can still pick up some great looking wheels for UNDER $1000!

Here are the best selling 20×10, and 20×12 wheels from for under $1000. We know you aren’t here to look at 16×8’s, these wheels still offer plenty of great style, AND some nice lips without hurting your wallet. Want to see more? Check the links below!

Moto Metal MO970 20×10:
Vision Prowler 422 20×12:
Red Dirt Road RD-01 Dirt 20×12:
Gear Alloy Big Block 726MB 20×12:
Havok H109 20×10:

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Caleb Staggs says:

Can anybody help me out, I’ve been having a lot of issues looking for a 4-6 inch lift for a 1989 dodge W250 cummins. Rough Country says they only fit the gas trucks and the i’m not lookin to spend a fortune on a lift

javadca20 says:

All super ghetto wheels

johno5757 says:

This guy needs to talk slower he’s jumbling his words and I don’t know what the fuck he is saying

Jake Landers says:

you ever just have a 2006 nissan titan and cant afford a new truck or a lift or wheels and want all kinds of cool shit


These prices for all4?

Jason Kornega says:

The XF offroad 218 is a sick wheel that’s under 1000 isn’t it? I live in Canada and it’s under $1200 for a set of 20×10

Javier Espinoza Jr. says:

RDR Krawler 20×9? I need it for my hummer H3.

Chris Oels says:

I was here to look at 16 by 8s haha

Peever Robert says:

How bout to Canada lol

Greg Hall says:

hey I have a white f150 crew cab and I’m not lookin to lift it just make it more unique any ideas for rim and bumpers

Ken W says:

I picked up my Vison Rocker 20x 12 -51 in black for around $800. Great look for the price point. Put them on my leveled 08 Silverado, after seeing the video you posted.

Robert Dellanno says:

I want fule house time but I’m not sure of the width of my rims

Dax Hinton says:

Would like to see a list of wheels for real trucks. 16×8, 17×8..10″ wide at most. Not pavement princesses

PuckAround 89 says:

When you guys gonna open a shop in Canada?

C&I Lawn Care says:

What are the best wheels for a F350 that is marron/ruby color? In your opinion. I’m new to the truck got it in the last month and I’m looking for a good value bang for your buck wheel that looks nice

David Batcher says:

How good can yall do on the TIS 544 mb 20×12 with the -44? Best price I’ve seen was $1,080 shipped. Great video and company . Love the videos.

alex Cooper says:

So is it 1000 per wheel or 1000 for a set of four

Stani Kubai says:

U ship to canada

Andrew156 says:

Thoughts on the Alloy Ion 134’s.

Isaac Johnson says:

Dropstars 652BM 22×14 -76 are actually under 1 k

Trevor Rogers says:

Get methods

Ralph Doyer. Jr says:

can you post vids on rims without that rediculous lip . those rims really look dumb

P.M. Fitness says:

Aye I got 20×12 moto metal mo970’s and love em

mekanicaldave says:

Any recommendation on a nice Deep Concave wheel. I have a lowered 2016 ram on a 2/4 Belltech suspension with some 22 KMC Slides and think I want to change

Mike B. says:

I have a 04 f250. Thinking of doing a 4″ lift. Any suggestions on wheels and tires. Will definitely use it as a daily driver and in the woods hunting.

Ethan Boarman says:

What would be the best size to run on a 2005 ford ranger?

alanlackey573 says:

Am i the only guy that has sheetz truck meets?!

Wesa Zazoo says:

Great, now were all gonna look like jerkoffs reppin the same rims! Touche’

Daniel Brown says:

XD Addicts??

Custom Offsets says:

Best selling wheels under $1000 for all four?! Start your search here:

TheRowdyRue says:

I dont know where they got the Moto Metal 970 in a black 20×10 is under $900

Cristian Sanchez says:

I want to buy some chrome -44 offset Cali switchbacks but not polished not sure if made in chrome

Baseballkid18 says:

Really love my mayhem warrior 17×9

ِAndrew says:

stock or forged. do not get chinese made cast wheels like a loser

Brad Blankenship says:

what rims would look good on a Toyota 87 model 4×4 truck

Kolin Soots says:

Could y’all make a video (can be very low quality or just a picture slideshow) of your giant selection of wheels at least showcasing the most popular/noteworthy from each brand y’all offer?

KingZD1 says:

I bought the vision arc 20×10 wheels cuz they look moto962 yet they’re cheaper

Roman Bondarenko says:

Is the $1000 for one wheel or for all 4?

The Bass Amateur says:

what about the Toxic Shok Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges and Chrome Inserts 20×10 -25 ? … Looks pretty sweet and its under $1000 . Good buy or No ?

Twis7edAsh ice says:

Hey thanks guys for such a great video thanks question for you guys what do you consider a deep dish lip size

mplewp says:

What happened to the beautiful 5 spokes :/

justin slater says:

The new mayhem cogents are sexy as helll

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