Top 5 Most Iconic Aftermarket Wheels

On today’s episode of Wheel School, we bring to you our top 5 most iconic aftermarket wheels! Let us know what you guys think and want to see next down in the comment section!

5. American Racing Torq Thrust:
3. Work Meister S1 3P
2. Enkei RPF1:
1. Volk TE37

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01bletsch says:

No Cragars, Centerlines or Daytons? This list may be valid if you’re a millennial- otherwise it’s kinda shitty.

Sorryimtruthful says:

If it ain’t TE37’s then the car sits until TE37’s are put on

kalel33 says:

I’d say that the title should be changed to “Top 5 Most Iconic Aftermarket Wheels of the last 20 years”

Captaincaveman says:

Surely the Wolfrace slot mags, maybe too old skool?

Maglia Nera says:

these wheels companies are quite small but great. do you hear me, TOYOTA?

sjcongo says:

And you don t know about Azev a …


Watching these for my soon to be mine nissan silvia s15 spec R❤❤❤❤❤

Fee son says:

Te37 จะล้นไทยแล้ว

Darkus505 says:

To give someone a flash from the past, my Toyota MR2 is running Lenso D1R wheels – specifically, the black ones with the Red Strip around them

sepahterbaik says:

CE28 is also a competitor to TE37. They are quite fit to any cars

Russ Lundberg says:

Oh yes… The Enkie RPF1. Very popular in auto racing to this day.

full stack says:

god dam i hate bbs rims, fugly af

Xeno says:


PJ Sinohin says:

#2 and #1 rota has them

micky maust says:

Creager SS

Matthew Henderson says:

I managed to predict the top 4… I feel good about myself now 😀

James Gurule says:

I like old Japanese and euro wheels

mushroom head says:

Rpf1 is the greatest wheel ever

Al Dingman says:

The CRAGAR S/S is the only Iconic wheel and most likely the oldest.

Curb Side Weg says:

Bro. You did torque thrusters but not the Japanese equivalent! What about RS Watanabe tisk tisk

Joe says:

How is the Cragar SS and keystone classic not on this list? O tuner kids to young to remember these wheels. That’s how lol

shinrips says:

Centerlines, BBS honeycomb, Enkei, Momo, Cragar, Cragar Super Trick, Niche Ban

Bruno Begic says:

Can you do a video about Vossen? They really make some cool wheels, and are getting more and more popular

Dr.Dylan`s game says:

so were just not gonna put any variant of watanabe wheels/rims even though they work on basically any jdm tuner and are so popular that at least three or four brands copy there exact design almost down to the T

K C says:


Paul Kim says:

i’ve never learned so much in 6 minutes. awesome.

LOYC JOE says:

OZ why no OZ?!

Oschacoon says:

And where are the RS Watanabe ?
Is that not an iconic Rims

Victor E says:

Why would someone just lay a pristine BBS rim on some rocks near train tracks.. wth

Ugypt Kutan says:

BBS for life!!!

Bevo Bill says:

No rota subzeros? lol. Also, iconic Subaru wheels: Speedline GT2/pero-r’s

James Gurule says:

American racing are made in China after the 90s my neighbor worked at the manufacture

daveR1611 says:

Where’s axis se7en and racing hart c5

Rade says:

Adven RGs should be on this list. most iconic jap tuner track cars of the 2000s used them. HKS used them on EVO ct230r and heaps of others

D B says:

Starts out with an obvious choice like Torque Thrust then gets gay with shit that would only be iconic with someone born yesterday. Doesn’t bother listing Cragar SS, Outlaw 1 & 2., or the Wagon Wheel.

Clout _boi23 says:

I learn so much from this channel we need more channels like this

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