Tire Lettering Paint “How To”

In this video I show you how easy it is to paint your tire letters/numbers for a totally new look!
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jeff hansen says:

He took that tire off like a pro lol

Ryu Wash says:

your the shir

assclown says:

this is the type of guy that races a ferrari cause he added an exhaust tip

jdm fatboy says:

Those tires look meaty wat tires are does

D Fins says:

Where can I buy some of the paint colors?

Frostyworgz says:

Neato? Try English again its NITTO sound it out

Kait Smiddy says:

Does the paint ever start to wear off or does it hold up pretty well?

Gavin Carvalho says:

Its unnecessary but im prob going to do it, Adds a nice pop to it

Octavius Baker says:

he is just showing you how paint any tire, ppl calm down and just learn.

Tri Le says:

What is that pen

N M says:

Too many assholes here lol. Nice vid though!!

SkyActive cinematography says:

adds an extra 5kw of power

All2skitzd says:

DUHHH MY FAVORITE COLOR IS CLEAR AND YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW I’M GOING TO MAKE A HOW TO VIDEO ON SOME SHIT I NEVER DONE BEFORE AND DO IT WRONG -Nthefastlane (…with cheap painted tires that I didn’t even let dry good after scrubbing them with my toothbrush and not scuffing them at all before painting with a marker)

Ben says:

I’m thinking spraying the tire with Windex and rubbing it is probably going to help accelerate the breaking down of rubber, but I guess it depends on how long you would have kept the tire for anyway, I mean I’ve had tires that lasted 8 years eventually the rubber degrades but if your car goes threw a the tread in a few seasons speeding up that degradation probably wouldn’t matter.

OsiedlowyMichał says:

Nothing to be proud off ,paint this shit black again

Daniel Kemnitz says:

So I know they look fresh and clean right after you painted them, but how do they stack up to the test of time? Obv. they will get some dirt over time, but does the paint itself fade or turn yellow-ish, or does it stay pure white and clear?

Glauco & Mingli Defendi says:

how many rains it last?

Eng Switch says:

nobody wants to see your sunny tiers buy some real tiers

MakMayne986 says:

Why would you want people to know you’ve got shitty tires

Cutlerz Bruh says:


MisterHardTruth says:

Needed another coat I think. Slightly translucent.

Da Homie says:

he took those hub caps off so fast i thought i was watching a nascar pit stop compilation


is this a serious video? why would you do it on a cheap ass brand of tires. wtf I’ve never even heard of Sunny and what in the world why do their logo include a little kid

bags aye says:

u have to juce the nib up before u Starr to paint

Randomrider says:

More rice than in a bag of uncle bens

Dhruv Handa says:

can we use white fluid for that?

BIG VIC says:

A for effort

Jersey Dual Sport says:


Nthefastlane says:

(*UPDATED) Buy the paint pens here: http://tinyurl.com/y9lhad9g
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Imports are gay riced fagmobiles says:

stop with the gay ricer music

XxAdyxX98 says:

The intro is so cringey …

johnmcfxx says:

Only a honda owner would highlight the fact that they have no brand tyres

Doug Kichman says:

How do you clean the tire without scrubbing the paint off?

texmextu2 says:

I fucks with that add

Ashraf Khalid says:

wow he works fast


I did this it looked really good but im not quiet sure how long they stay on, so if i hit a puddle im fucked(painted on fourwheeler)

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