On this episode of Wheel History we take a look into the history of TSW Wheels. We go in depth on how their wheels are made, distributed and just overall brand. What are your thoughts on TSW? Let us know down in the comment section!

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Tommy Gantner says:

do JR Wheels

Ryan Batac says:

Do Cosmis or Aodhans!!

kenny lc says:

I used to have the Tsw Venoms (17) on my Honda civic Eg9 back in the day….1995

Jeb Bush says:

So TSW is the EA of aftermarket wheels?

Bryan Zamora says:

Do a video of the truth about cosmis wheels

Godwind Racing says:

TSW were extremely popular with the Max Power (the UK boy racer) scene in the 1990s and I remembered them for being reasonably priced. Since then is that how they lost their place to Team Dynamics…who is also run by a racing driver

J says:

They make some of the ugliest wheels

Anthony Rodriguez says:

Do one on konig wheels

Junior almondes says:

3SDM please , thank you

Ractio says:

Can you do one for Konig

Trent Roberts says:

Info on Simmons wheels….

T says:

Damn I didn’t know TSW’s were so popular

Sepand Tahamtan says:

Awesome video! Could you do ADV.1 next?

IamtheMoth says:

5zigen or wedssport

James Miller says:

That volkswagen has brake covers on it. c:

jBL00D says:

My shop has actually carried TSW for decades. When they started out they produced many replica style wheels but now are true to their own designs. They also do have a few 2 piece welded wheels in their main lineup. However unlike other brands, TSWs 2 piece wheel offsets are already pre determined and are not customizable unfortunately.

David Noyola says:

Can you do fifteen52 wheels

Danny Trujillo says:

Do Avant Garde Wheels.

Brandon Williams says:

Way under rated. You’re videos are great dude and I honestly learn alot , I feel better about those brands everyone steers clear from cuz I see hella nice cheap wheels and they get all the hate lol . Thanks bro .

krylonfanboy , says:


and why so many like cut to meme/gifs ? its like after everyjoke ok here we go its going to cut to some clip or sound effect.

Iam Sam says:

I have a set of Rouge wheels, and I’m pretty sure they’re cast. They looked good new, but they seem to scratch and pit easily, and they are on the soft side. (I bent two rims on a barely moderately size pot hole.) They weren’t terribly expensive ($250/each for 19″), but unless you like to keep buying new rims because you scratched or bent them, I don’t recommend TSW.

ValladolidArde says:

great series, thanks for this guys, keep it up. 37yo wheel collector

James K says:

great video! can you do one about ASA wheels at some point also? keep up the good work

D Carden says:

Funny I had a set of ruff racing wheels and they where more durable then my 2 sets of TSW Wheels. My tsw wheels are resting in piece. My ruff racing wheels are still looking like new after 15 track days a every 6 months

myriadcorp says:

My TSW Sluggers are corroded to hell. I was thinking about getting them restored since all the chrome is flaking off and the corrosion is everywhere. Would it be worth it to get them restored to a black powder coat for $150 a wheel or just buy new wheels?

Bryon Triglianos says:

Super helpful content. Had no idea they were that big into acquisitions

John Gilroy says:

I fee like every vid I have to see a diagram or hear the words rotary forged mentioned in a wheel history vid. However still an amazing vid and learn something almost every time.

Nick Kwok says:

These wheel history videos are awesome. Can you do HRE wheels? They look so good!

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