On this episode of Wheel History we take a look into the history of Rota Wheels. This is probably one of the most controversial brands in the aftermarket wheel game & one of the most highly requested wheel companies you all wanted us to cover. Let us know about your experiences down in the comment section and tag a friend to be entered to win a bunch of free sh*t!

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Meister_ 4wlc says:

Spoon sw388s and desmomd regamaster looks the same yet they give a lotta shit to the slipstreams lile why

Dudez 08 says:

A have rota wheels and its great.. No problems at all…

martin villaflor says:

A lot of haters on Rota, just to let you know they also make the oem wheels on a number of Toyota vehicles. They are reliable and that’s what matters.

Mininoob a gamer says:

What fitment/offset etc would i need to put rota gtr’s on a stock rx8? And have no issues?

neilatajar says:

I had Rota p45r on my 350z. I had zero issues with them.

George Makris says:

Hey any idea behind the Rota Recce original design? Do you know who originally made this design that they copied or is this actually theirs?

sodamiclown2102 says:

I just bought a set of rota grids and i am perfectly happy with them

jack constable says:

love my rota t2r’s 🙂

Francis Palomo says:

PAWI…Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc…been there worked there…its a good aftermarket and OEM wheel….Prod Devt here

Hassan P says:

Only cheap broken fuckers use fakes, done.

jason yang says:

China make everything.. hate the us knock off

Angela Smith says:

Got Rota Grids on my batty and they look great

Last_Contact says:

I Have Grid Concave in white on my Miata and I beat the shit out of them (including an occasional nasty Missouri pothole by accident) and they still look and ride like they did when they were brand new.

The Swartz crew says:

I had a set of Rota D2 17×8.5
Great wheels, never had an issue with them.

5dmc1 says:

Do you sell Rota? all the sites that sell them are super sketchy…I would love to buy them from you.

Redmeer Falzon says:

Very interesting videos!…… Currently running volks gts 19s on my supra but i want to go for 18s….rotas or Xxr?

FlatBlackBurb says:

Stop splicing your videos with stupid videos. Just stop.

Pete says:

This sounds like a debate between designer hand bags vs. knock-offs (I don’t mean wheels). It makes my man parts want to shrink up just listening to some people argue over the “real deal” vs. bang-for-the-buck. If the wheels look good and meet your daily needs, who GaS? Why waste the money unless the lower weight of the originals are what is most important for your track time. Seriously, that concern applies to maybe 0.001% of the population winning races somewhere. I drove on Rota G-force (gunmetal grey) daily for 9 years and tracked the car at Putnam Park, too. Had 0 issues with potholes or spirited driving. They were great looking wheels, just like the Advans they copied. Worth every penny, and the rest of the pennies I spent on my HPFP and a proper tune for my Mazdaspeed3. But hey, maybe I’m just not “street” enough to appreciate the design bags holding my tires to the hub…

Tj Semeniuk says:

My cousin gave me a set of rota slipstream for 500 bucks with Toyo directional I unno. I like them I use them for winter.

Russel David says:

I’d rather buy rota ik-r than buy a te37 rep. Same looks, but rota is tested so it’s safer. Pretty sure it’ll be lighter than a rep wheel too

Jay Tova says:

Thumbs up for the Matrix thumbnail.


I like rota. There wheels are durable and really take a beating especially for how much a set of rotas cost. Compared to wheel companies that like rota basically copy and paste​ the look of other wheels by other companies

Ryan D says:

do AVID wheels!

Colin Olsen says:

Yeah, they make sorta replicas…but at least they produce a handful of bolt patterns (PCD) for a specific wheel, unlike other wheel manufacturers.

Fabinoushletroll says:

the most underestimate channel on youtube

Kelvin Nguyen says:

Can you please make obe vid on avid pleaseeee 😀

Eggpie_614 says:

Damn i’m filipino like romero roxas 😀

Frank Muniz says:

I got a question to ask you which ones do you think are a better wheel. Is it Rota Wheels or XXR?

Alex Avila says:

Lmaooo the grid still looks better then what it’s copying

Ed says:

I used to have rotas a looooong time ago. Why? Because it was in my budget. I’m not gonna max out my credit cards buying $4,000 wheels just to get some IG likes

Falah Khalid says:

This is like up to speed, but about parts…

Retro-bution Automotive Production says:

worth , safety is priority im good with the 20%rule

Gilbert Sanchez says:

Rota makes oem wheels for a lot of car manufacturers

Carlos Hernandez says:

do superstar wheels

JokaDaClown says:

Do japan racing wheels

Cherry Poppins says:

it’s actually genius

16BitOG says:

gold wheels in the background??

chris clark says:

That edit was… lit

Jomari says:

I like to change the rims on my car. Rota Grid or Volk TE 37SL?

Migzzz says:


Ryan says:

Honestly I’m glad there’s wheels like rota. Knockoff wheels with decent quality and an affordable price. Good for people on a budget and for beater cars like a drift car.

phycadelic pikachu says:

Im gonna build a car thats the trifecta of hate. Ebay turbo honda with rota wheels

mex herr says:

When we got invited to watch the first Toyota Cup they have used the Rotas on all cars… When the race went on for like 20min one car had suffered from a blown tire… The heck we were shocked he ran those rims on the tarmac for 4 laps without any tires on them! I gotta say I think I’m a believer.

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