Are JNC wheels reps? Do JNC Wheels break? On this episode of Wheel History, we are super excited to finally cover JNC Wheels. Join Alex as he dives into the deepest part of the internet for this history lesson.

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mushroom head says:

Jnc is my new favorite brand of wheels. I’m thinking about getting come for my ek coupe

Sharkey2424 Sharkey says:


Eggpie_614 says:


Ernie Morales says:

rock anything you want who cares anyway, unless your very concerned about trendy, pop, people who will realize one day they were completely ridiculous, then 20 years later spend the rest of their days promoting not being trendy, and a follower, blazing your own path other hippy shit that takes to type

Tenshi LoveDragon says:

I got a set of jnc006 on my car in hyper black, these things are amazing first off. I hit a pothole so hard one time thinking my wheel was destroyed and when I looked, that bitch was unscathed. I love these things

Marquise Dickerson says:

you’re the goat haha

DublR81 says:

Is Drag wheels big enough for review?

martin villaflor says:


Tony says:

Do y’all thin jnc wheels are a good beginning wheel for my first car ?

Andy Martin says:

Claires dope af why would ppl hate

Mike Rodriguez says:


Stavrosqq says:

Well i wanna buy a set back in Europe but the price of the custom and shipping will touch the price of a work or a bbs. We need distributors all across the globe !

Whoisminh says:

Do aodhan

dacasman says:

JNC uses images of real volk wheels for their TE37 knockoffs. Either that or they copied the logos and cast them into the wheels

Jimmy L says:

Do esm wheels next!

Scott Fidel says:

When was JNC founded again? I seem to have missed it.

Calvillo Customs says:

Follow me?? IG@fatchusisloooow
Personally I’ve had a set of jnc and I’m looking for my second set. The only issue I have with jnc is choosing a style. They have so many styles at a great price it’s a tough choice which set to buy next.

Not Nice Racing says:

i dont see nothing wrong with JNC wheel they are perfect for hondas and dont let know nobody talk shit but your wheel set up if they got something to say tell them buy you some good wheels if not stfu

Tevin Amnotte says:


Monda007 says:

Fucking A alllllllright already I’ll subscribe

900 Saab says:

How about ATS

Jordon Minville says:

Avant garde?

nova123 says:

Rohanna wheels?

operamatt says:

fake wheels for fake builds by fake people

ghettoflyer says:

Can you do a truth about centerline wheels or rocket racing wheels.

UnstableAdrianHD says:

i dont really care if you cryyyyy

MATTHEW575M says:

gravity cast, hmmph

BIG JOE says:

Truth about KLUTCH wheels !!!!!

EL DEL 370Z says:


Matt Carlyon says:

History of TIS Wheels??

Anime Avatar says:

Do F1R? Some time? I picked up a Miata with some on it and I know nothing about them other than being based in Chicago.

Wolf32 says:

Does anyone know when JNC wheels was founded?

Brenda Chiroqe says:

Some bitch name nancy. In long beach. Always sending the wrong shit

negrochulo says:

What ever happened to racinghart

Reuben S says:

I just got into cars and really don’t know too much compared to other ‘car guys’ but you should include info about what you didn’t want to get into: JNC designs. because for people like me, im a noob and idk shit lol. I had to scroll through the comments to figure out what you really meant. Nonetheless, thanks for the video!

Adrian † says:

I baught JNC wheels before for my daily, pretty solid wheels I gotta say , I actually really liked them, if u like they way they look and don’t want to spend much, take them , but only if you really like the style 🙂

David Reyes says:

I was born in 1998

Which is also when JNC was founded in 1998

Bryan Chichester says:

Waiting on brada video

Stuart Trapani says:

I got some JNC 042’s decent style on a budget and lighter than my stock Si wheels

Tigerroad Performance says:

sign me up for those “Valemsem” stems! follow @tigerroadperformance on the IG… JNC is killing the Ebay game, theyve got reps of everything, i was about to get those rep NT33’s for my s2k lol

Alex C says:

1:59 self depreciation was fucking hilarious IN ADDITION to a Runescape reference. INSTANT subscriber here.

Kenneth Wilson says:

Why do we from wisconsin like poking fun at Canadian accent. Eh?

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