The Complete Guide to Painting Steelies

In this video I show you how to completely repaint and restore your old rusty steel wheels to give them a new great look. I go through everything from prep work and rust removal to masking and painting techniques. This is a great home DIY project to make your old rims look great, and hold up to winter. I used Rustoleum Metallic Charcoal Stops Rust spray paint over Rustoleum automotive primer to get this great, shiny and smooth finish. The wheels are for my Volkswagen Rabbit. Recorded with a Canon t3i and edited in sony vegas. Thanks for watching!


dirty Mushroom - Holly Bubba says:

nice thorough job man… good-looking end product

The Royal Crowned Tiger says:

Great work.

Eyad Jam says:

you sound exactly like chrisfix , but great video .

Bo says:

hey buddy just wondered where did you get the center cap from?

koolmuxmusic123 123 says:

What type & brand of lug nuts do u use on ur steel wheels?

FluGame says:

what grade of sand paper is that

Andrew Farkas says:

Thanks, now I completely know how to paint steelies!

Lefty Hara says:

uuugh “chunks of rust:”

bfjb70 says:

That wax is a good idea (always is), nice upload.

CGVIS says:

very informational. i have a suggestion for rattlecanning though. when you paint start from off your subject and end off of subject so your ends dont get too much build up

C. Huber says:

well done

Mark Sieving says:

I like to paint my nuts!

Jesse McClain says:

If I do this to my wheels will I still be able to wash them with normal wheel cleaning stuff or will it take the paint off?

rcharne says:

If you are going to go through all the trouble to paint a steel wheel, just use POR-15. When people say it is a permanent product, it truly is permanent. And you can brush on the POR-15, and when it dries, you will have a nice gloss finish with no brush marks. And you won’t have to worry about chips from stones or scraping curbs, as the POR-15 dries so hard.

moodyjeep says:

Nice Job Mate.
Baz (uk).

luna indigo says:

I paint for a living professionally and I find this video perfectly flawless..great job.

ArchimedeanEye says:

Outstanding video and great job on the wheels.

Debbie Foringer says:

like a boss, kid, could be titled “How to make an instructional video”

S M says:

It’s called vw golf not a rabbit

Ryan LeFevre says:

No clear coat? It’s worth it, it adds extra protection and gloss makes the wheels easy to clean.

ed elsey says:

sounds like a robot version of ChrisFix.

that one kid says:

Chris fix is better

Jack Mok says:

Can I paint both side on rims or just the outer side?


You should do a clear coat, the paint will look bad over time without it

Jack Mok says:

You should make the tires shine too
Make it all stand out from far away

Ryan Hill says:

Nice Job guys.  Very well done.

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