What are the BEST WHEEL CLEANING BRUSHES? Find out in this video! I normally clean a wheel in three steps: 1) the tire 2) the inner barrel of the wheel and 3) the face of the wheel.

In this video, I present the most popular wheel cleaning brushes and show them in action. In the end, you’ll find out which ones are the best wheel cleaning brushes as I’ll select the ones that I prefer and you’ll be able to have your own opinion as to which ones would be good for your car detailing arsenal.

In the video, you’ll see many of the most popular wheel cleaning brushes such as EZ Detail, Speed Master, Gyeon Wheel Brush, Wheel Woolies brushes, Tuf Shine tire brush, Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush, and the AMMO NYC wheel brush!

If you want to see how to clean wheels like a pro, make sure you watch this video:

Here are the links to the wheel and tire brushes used in this video:

►US & Canada buyers:
Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair wheel brush:
Wheel Woolies Wheel brushes (3 brushes):
Speed Master brush:
Tuf Shine tire brush:
EZ Detail Brush:
Green wheel and tire brush:
Gyeon Wheel Brush:
AMMO NYC Drive + Protect wheel brush:

►UK buyers:
Boar’s Hair wheel brush:
Wheel Woolies Wheel brushes (3 brushes):
Speed Master brush:
Tuf Shine tire brush:
EZ Detail Brush:
Green wheel and tire brush:
Gyeon Wheel Brush:
AMMO NYC Drive + Protect wheel brush:

►France buyers:
Wheel Woolies Wheel brushes (3 brushes):
Speed Master brush:
Tuf Shine tire brush:
EZ Detail Brush:
Gyeon Wheel Brush:
AMMO NYC Drive + Protect wheel brush:

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Bryan says:

I sank a shot every time you said ‘super soft’

I passed out before the video finished, did the wheel come up nice and clean?,lol.

muchimi says:


Mark Pratt says:

Hi Pan, I love your videos!!! What wash solution are you using to clean your wheels in this video?

Kevin Kudzinowski says:

What hose nozzle are you using?

giants22 says:

Hi Pan, sometimes when I brush my wheels with a tire brush they are still brown afterward. What am I doing wrong? Used AMMO wheel soap.

Tim datoolman says:

Great video Pan!

Ruben [[Rube Cube]] Rodriguez says:

What size generator would u recommend for mobile detailing? Thanks

Maveric073 says:

You’re EZ detail is missing the long extra handle with the rubber stop. It looks exactly like the speed master wheel brush a stiffer stem and thicker handle.

American Not American't says:


maxim913 says:

I have 18 inch wheels with those bmw brakes and have almost no room to get a wheel woolie in.
What do you recommend ?

William Gaves says:

One suggestion if I may. No need for background music during your demo. It doesn’t add anything to the presentation. Irritating

J L says:


Walter Gray says:

what size is that ammo brush. a 10 or a 14

Abdullah Al-Munim says:

First time I’ve seen a nylon brush to win over a Wheel Woolie for barrel cleaning.

Alexis Tosta says:

Nice video again. I really want to get very deep into car detailing. I need to invest in quite a few things plus need to go to the USA/Canada, or UK or Holland etc and learn a few things. Thanks a lot once again.

GameAngry says:

Love the videos, but I need to know the song in your intro. If you could let me know, it would be appreciated.

Francisco Arroyo says:

I want to buy Larry’s brush so bad but my wallet says noooo…. Lol

Eric Nguyen says:

How about fender well brushes? 🙂

green beret says:

I’m sure that red brush is awesome, but its 29 bucks! Can you recommend something cheaper?

Julius Smith says:

Pan to say that your good is a understatement.
What products do you suggest for brake dust.

Kandice M says:

After the hurricane I have orange rust on my rotors….what would you do pan?

Jose Gilabert says:

Hi Pan, I’m starting a waterfree car detail business next month here in Spain, do this brushes work well without water? Thank you for your great advises

Victor Hernandez says:

Hey Pan. If Ez Detail makes the speed master also, what is the difference, besides the color, of the Speedster and their Blue Ez Detail brush?

FE OG says:

What’s written on the wood handle of the AMMO brush?

Ryan Dolce says:

Paaaaaaan the organizer

slojam100 says:


Greg Herman says:

Amazing video. Well done, sir

Genysmen runner says:

Pan what do you use for the wheel wells?

nitin kumar says:

thank you pan you are a blessing, love from india

William Gaves says:

great detail, and all links provided. What’s not to like. Well done

Amy St. George says:

Pan, wondering if you can answer a question for me. I have a Silverado with black painted factory wheels. Is it safe to use Chemical Guys Decon Pro Iron Remover and Signature wheel cleaner on them or will that damage the paint? Also do you use both of those products to clean the wheels or can you just use the iron remover as a regular cleaner as well? Also wanted to know what iron remover you use for the actual painted vehicle panels…  I thought I saw you use IronX in one video before but didn’t know if you have to use 2 different iron removers for the car itself and the wheels. I would think if you say I can use the decon pro on my painted wheels I can use it on the painted body panels too. But wanted to ask the pro.

ibra Suwilem says:

Does it have to be a brush made for wheels cleaning? or any brush from the grocery store could do the job?

Mistah Pahkah says:

How do you clean these brushes?

naveen reddy salukuti says:

Hey Pan .. May I know whats the wash solution you have used ?

Gage Bohner says:

Pan the man just got yourself a new subscriber

Bruce Baliko says:

Hey Pan; Is it important that you can polish or apply a waxing product to a surface that is in the sun or is hot? Many products
warn against applying their product on a hot surface. Recently I saw an add promoting its use in the sun or when the surface
is hot. Are the chemical differences important? says thanks

john rambo says:

Is that toilet brush..?

Andrea says:

Pan you look like a trusty guy 🙂
I will stick to collection of chinese brushes and paint brushes , works wonders 😉

F C says:

I smashed the thumbs up button but broke my computer in the process. Do you have insurance????
Just kidding Pan. Great vid I’d love to see something similar with wash mitts. Like microfiber vs synthetic wool vs microfiber towels? Idk. Also “detail sprays”. There are so many and I don’t even know if they work. Just rambling on but those are my immediate thoughts.

metparker says:

Why not take the wheels off ?

beedubvr6 says:

what do you use for the Wheel Wells? I saw you used a mother’s long brush in previous videos. Is it advisable to use the same brush for the wells and tires? I’m currently using Wheel Woolies for both my Wheels and Wells; I haven’t been focusing on cleaning the Tires. Now i’m thinking that’s a really bad idea.

Wendy Prince says:

Paaaaaaan your the man great videos as always

TheRedRaider806 says:

i need to order that red brush for the barrel of the wheel asap

CAPTJ696 says:

Wow seems I have almost all except all the brand Wheel Woolies; exc 3 size ones.

Anastasia Torres Giselle Narvaiz says:

What’s a god wheel cleaner. Seen so many don’t know which to choose from?

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