STEEL vs ALLOY rims Off-road Wheels

STEEL vs ALLOY rims Off-road Wheels

Which are the best option for off-road and remote travel.

0:01 intro
0:30 Pros & Cons
0:53 Strength
2:30 Availability
3:00 size availability
3:30 Price
4:01 Theft
4:14 Corrosion
4:44 Heat Transfer
5:14 Weight
5:46 Appearances
10:57 Conclusion

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YYC Designz Custom RC Creations says:

Those hits to the center happen more often than guys think, especially when running low tire pressures like we do. All you need is a good rock in the sand or mud that’s hidden, go over it a bit quick or something & your alloys are toast, maybe a couple of them if the back tires hit as well. Alloys are real pretty but real pricey & I love them but, will go with steel everytime on a 4wd.

Yo Adrian says:

Thoughts on forged aluminum wheels vs steel?

harry walker says:

yes alloys no good,steels better,but,,,,i have 4 sets of alloys,,,why,,cos im an idiot,i hate steel rims,easy to fix,cheap,cant get in 17×9 or 16×10,i wanted 16×12,not available,i have 36×15.5 tires.thanks,my alloys are rated at 1400kg each,thing is ,,most alloys & steels ,made in japan,good for steel,not for alloy,they shatter,check the back before you buy.mine are ausie.1 set u.s.,cos the ausie shut down.performance mags.worse than holdens going,but thats a good thing about 7 yrs over due.,,,,i digesss….,i dont like common things,like toyotas/nissan,allthough nissan is better,if they were full size,,,id buy one,but too small.same as car with front diff,not a truck.the bronco in pic,i hate them,only becouse of the ifs,…so,,,i fitted a dana 44 with dana 60 brakes,only mod was the panhard u.s trucks,everything fits from 1960 to 2018 +.thanks america,thank dana hardy spicer,best i world.go cummins,isuzu,IH,MWM,nissan..anyone reading this thats fitted a 6.5td,{gm},not a gm,its buik,YOUR A RETARD,best engine here is nissan 4.2.,oh its got that v8 rumble,YOUR A RETARD,.i cant go on,,look up google,wiki,y tube,only ones of these 6.5.s to buy is after 99,made by IH in u.s.,but they used them in hummers,yes,they had containers full of them to exchange everyday.THERE CRAP,!!!.

Steve Rolfe says:

One thing that you didn’t cover, is the difference between cheap alloys and good (typically forged) ones. If you’re going to use alloy off-road, you need to go all-in…

sam brown says:

G’day mate im looking forward to have a 2″ lift on my NP300 and just wondering is that coil spacer any good?

Happy Fox says:

your poor road… we can fix that but it will cost you…

1 hour
10L of water

Spray down the location with water, compact it with our foot until satisfied, leave to dry over a day and night, drive on it for further compacting.

You thought I was offering my services to you? fuck off, you’re an aussie… she’ll be right

WaynesWorkVlog says:

aero wheels can be had for as low as $40 each and shipping is free from speedwaymotors

Mernerner says:

even cheap alloy rims wheels with minimum certification are quite strong

Josh Williams says:

Idk.. I never really liked big fancy alloy wheels, always prefered 15-17″ steelys

Howard Rourke says:

Skipped an aspect, weight rating, I’m having a heck of a time finding a steel wheel with enough weight rating. My rig, axles, tires, etc. will handle 4000 lbs per wheel. But find a 17″x10″ steel wheel rated for 4000lbs, nope, not yet anyway.

Vadercon says:

I love my alloys. I like steel too. I’ve used both in arguably heavy to light offroading/rock climbing and have yet to crack or damage my alloys, but have (on occasion bent the lip on the steel , only slightly).
Steel is cheap and has many advantages (as you described) and on a Looooooong trip, I would definitely go steel, but I wouldn’t say that aluminum doesn;t do well offroad entirely. Maybe I’ve just been lucky or maybe it’s my tires that saved my rims. Either way, the alloy rims have been fine. They are also 20″ rims on 35″ tires…so 20″ seems to do alright offroad as well.
To each their own. I like the look better. There are a few steel rims out there I like almost as much, but unitll I do a long distance trip on ONLY rough terrain…I’ll keep the alloys. Most of the long distance driving I do is on pavement to get me to the rocks.
I still gave you a thumbs up and subscribed, because I’ve been watching your videos for sometime now and you always give good information.

HadEnough says:

I have straightened & welded up more alloy wheels than I care to remember on customers vehicles, so for slow off-roading work, a steel rim is the sensible only option IMO. And like you say if you are out on the trails, 9 times out of 10 you can straighten them.

Also I would disagree on the corrosion to an extent! Alloy wheels corrode deeper than steel, and more importantly when alloy corrodes it gets porous (especially around the bead where the tyre seals) which then will leak air. This is not so much a problem in hot climates so much but in colder climates like Europe and the US east coast alloy wheels are best kept for your road cars.

Heyy_its_ryan says:

Run steelies. Easier to bend back if you dent them

gibsonvlog says:

Thanks!! That is very helpful

mcfobossan says:

Greetings Ronny, any stainless rims brand for off roading that you can recommend it to me?
Thanks in advance

nismo says:

that was 4 hits on the steelie or there was a dent already there?

JA RD says:

Or use Forged and get quality durable wheels

AVEX4X4 says:

good explanation, thanks

WhiteCavendish says:

I have aluminum rims…because that’s what came on my super cheap craigslist vehicle lol. Eventually, if I end up doing 4 wheeling that’s extreme enough or remote enough, I’ll probably buy some steelies. For now, my alloy wheels are fine for the FSR’s I do.

Betamax Ehf says:

Sleipnir, nice numberplate

Marine Comm says:

If you go for solid turned aluminum it won’t crack near as easily. Cast steel and aluminum is always much more brittle and will crack easily. They are much more expensive however.

rafael guzman says:

What’s better for track? Sports cars not off-road.. alloy for lighter weight and no rocks should be on a track..

Burhanz Kozi says:

Thanks for such video

Callan Roberts says:

in my experience alloy wheels, the wheel nuts tend to Come loose more often on dirt roads,

Matt Brown says:

Steel for the win every time.

Ob Fuscated says:

Damaged alloy and steel rims make excellent vehicle stands. I accumulate them in various sizes so I can nest them when stacking if necessary when working on project trucks or fabrication. They don’t tip like a jack stand (I gave my jack stands away many years ago) and with some 4×4 and 4×4 wood blocks for fine adjustment are very versatile. I use some castoff steel rims too but alloy doesn’t rust and is nicer to handle.

tnnss111 says:

Ear muffs? Seriously?

drpatriot2001 says:

STEEL rims……..

fixyourself says:

When it comes to looks the problem with the steel rims is the color. When these wheels first came out in the ’70’s, they were usually white, and they looked great. I don’t know why they started painting them black. Black is a terrible color for a wheel because there is no contrast. The asphalt is black, the tire is black, the dark area in the fender well is black. Add a black wheel, and you just end up with a big black glob at each corner of the vehicle. You can’t even notice the spokes in the wheel because everything is black and isn’t that the whole point of a custom aftermarket wheel? – to see the design of the holes/spokes? If everything appears to be black, why not just use the cheapest base level factory issued rims you can find? A black glob is a black glob, no matter how much money you spent on it. Here’s a tip for all you people running black steel wheels: Paint them white. You’ll be amazed how much better they will look. Also, check out pictures from 4X4”s from the ’70’s. White spokes were the most popular form of aftermarket wheel. Oh yeah, one other thing. White letter tires help a truck look better too. Some people mount their tires so the white letters are on the inside. Are they crazy? That would be like, like, well, it would be like having an aftermarket steel wheel -painted black so no one would ever notice that is a custom wheel.

Graesen James says:

Alloy work hardeds a hell of a lot faster as well

L.A. M says:

Steel wheels with 33s FTW

MI Irish says:


Jeff Weissman says:

If you are serious about off roading then who cares about looks. If you drive carpool it has to look cool!

Michael Brewer says:

Technically, steel is an alloy (iron + carbon + and sometimes molybdenum, manganese, chromium, or nickel).

Chentally Mallenged says:

you can get steel rims over 18 inches. they will be either a 19.5 or a 22.5 inch rim.

Will Tutt says:

There are MUCH stronger alloy rims than a factory Nissan GU rim tbh. Heaps of comp guys run alloys with beadlocks with no dramas. That said I agree steel is fixable, alloy is not.

Grumpy OldMan says:

I was at a tire shop getting a new tire for my utility trailer. It uses car size rims and tires. The valve stem had blown out and the tire rapidly deflated. I was a pretty good distance from the next town, so I had to hobble along on the side of the road for quite a few miles. The tire was completely destroyed and there was just rim left. The only damage to the rim was the edge where it was contacting the concrete of the road and all it amounted to was the paint was no longer there. While at the tire shop, I saw a small pickup that had alloy rims and who had had a front tire blow out on him. His much thicker spokes on the rim did not help him, one of them had broken off and of course the circumference of the rim was also broken. That convinced me that steel was better than aluminum alloy right there.

Jacob Witmer says:

I personally wouldn’t care if the car came with steel or alloy wheels. I’d get the wheels that came on the vehicle stock.

terryyouth says:

7.47 the alloy was hit on the ‘lip’ the steel one before was not hit on the lip

Daniel says:

how are alloys stronger then?

Glen Tapani says:

Trail Master Steel rims $40 a piece.


why did you hit the alloy rim 3 times and the steel one 4 times? also, for that to be equivalent to “1 hit on a rock”, you must be fair moving to do that kind of dent. i have had some impressive tire impacts and done next to no damage to the rim at 80-110kms

Land Rover says:

Age old debate Ronny. Land Rover alloys are impressive. Their bead is second to none. In fact tyre places have commented to me a number of times how hard it is to get various tyres off my 16 inch alloys. Great for airing right down without beadlocks. I have flogged mine all over the place for 16 years including the OTT and gibber country and never had a dent much less a crack. Cheers

Seven Stars says:


HARLAN P says:

Nice plates!

tieme pik says:

If you going full on flat chat rough with your car you may buckle a steel rim but 99.9% of the time alloy rims are fine and they’re all round better unsprung weight steering and looks you can’t go past alloy

DAS says:

Dude, you’re a liar, anybody can see around 8:13 you’d already smacked the steel wheel like 2 or 3 times, then you smack it another 3 times and call it all good? WTF bro!? Maybe do a little more research before making a video and editing it to try and prove your point, dumbass.

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