Scuffs by Rimblades Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors Installation Video

This video shows customers how to fit Scuffs by Rimblades to your alloy wheels. These come in 9 colour choices from


Sultan MDN says:

i ca drive the car just right after i done ??
or should i wait for a while ?

Jorel DeLeon says:

would that need to be replaced every time the tires get replaced? I would think the tire machine would break that off.

ProdigyX19 says:

Searched all over for these. Finally found them, washed my car, manually cleaned my tires. All four flew off on a trip to the beach within a week of install on the garden state parkway. Don’t wast your money.

Floyd1504 says:

These things are absolute shit! Pay the extra and buy rim bands.

LiftOrGTFO says:

How long does the adhesive stay sticky over the seasons?

Matt Terriah says:


Javier Mejia says:

I wanna buy these but what happens when u change the tire do they need to be removed? Do they rip??

Zirangua Ceja says:

i bought some of these molding for my rims and it did not come with anything like the primer so i wodering what i can use to stick them where they will not come off i went to 2 diffrent auto part stores and no one knows what im talking about plz help thxs

احمدالساعدي says:

هو هاذ شنو الاحمر الي جاي يخلية ممكن جواب

Epic Journeys Britain & Ireland says:

Crap..bought these and stuck them on..few hours later they started coming away from the alloy..30 quid wasted on this shit.

Gustavo Morandi says:

I bought a car with Rimblades protections but one came off and now I just have the Marc’s from the glue on my wheel n I’m wondering how to remove cause I tried everything but the glue still on my wheels! Would appreciate your help !! Thanks

Desilu15 says:

How many primer wipes ?

moh abz says:

This is brilliant! Been looking for something like this!

Shannon Drake says:

when you buy them does it come with a set or just 1?

Evang3lium says:

hey I have a question, I heard that you have to use a blow dryer to get the tape to like 70-80 degrees celsius, and I’m just wondering when do you blow dry it, when you put the strip on or before you put the strip on?

farerse says:

looks nice on that particular car/wheel

Elijah Jordan says:

What happens when I need a new tire or something?

juan def says:

luckily, that red strip matches the car

Kam Patel says:

tried all these rubber stick one ones and their rubbish in two ways 1. if not fitted perfectly then they will unstick and come off especially when jettwashing your wheels2. after kerbing they either scrape off as they are easily damaged or get cut as they are rubber and should be plastic really3. if your wheels have some kerbing already then don’t fit these as the very thin 3m tape doesn’t stick to the kerbed wheels by the plastic type that you bang into place instead

i3ant0n says:

What about when you have to replace the tyre ?

BigTymin says:

dude if u hit a curb. it will go right through that shit. hmmm….3000 lbs car meets concrete curb. ya some foam strip tape will make it bounce right back!

Luiiz Gonzalez says:

muy bueno

Nate says:

Can you apply these on top of plastidip?

honestmcgyver says:

What about cleaning? Can you use alloy wheel cleaner and jet wash?

Lyndee Harlow says:


Zero Cool says:

Highway star

Micheal Winlow says:


James Nic says:

What happens when you change the tyre?

Aman Modi says:

What is the name of this product wich are you use

RetroFixes says:

Not sure how I got here. But happy to find a video with real rock music in the background vs crap techno!

Barry Santiago says:

I recently installed these on my 2016 Orange Mustang. Gives the wheels just the right look. Nothing good to say haters keep it to yourselves. Figured I would beat you to it LOL

Lu Cho says:

yes wheels should be perfectly clean.
but of course yours FINGER TOOOOOOO.

kuangmaopp says:

Will it cost damage to the rim, by removing the rim blade?

TJ F says:

skip the music!

Peter golf mk4 says:

Fiat it’s a rubbish car s

Tybok C says:

+Shan Drake You get a set of 4.. 

Tyger Detailing says:

what the fuck is that

DiemMy Lee says:

I bought the red wheel rim protector guard, really cool for my car

Raymond Laganao says:

Doesnt really protect your rims.. good design though.. if you already have scratches to your rims, one good way to cover it is this

memphislos10 says:

I hope to be able to afford these one day.smh

Alfa Won says:

Now you can curb your wheels at 2-3 times the speed you normally do

paul bristow says:

Must buy some of these for the wife for her car!

Oliver Guerrero says:


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