Rims and Tires for an 1/10 rc

Rims that I have purchased for my little rc project that went wrong here and there. Looking awesome with its new shoes now 🙂
here is the link to the rims i got from ebay


HondaGuyTjay91Ef says:

You will continue to demolish wheels unless you upgrade to aluminum wheels … i learned the hard way myself

Guru Narayanan says:

Yes.. they are selling it for cheap. I’m planning for the hpi rs4 sport3 bmw m3 e30 rtr in a week or so. I dint like the stock tires. So I should find something good. Any suggestions.

jairus loo says:

It is worth the money to get the expensive wheels personally i run a touring car

Jeremiah Arnold says:

Dude stop slamming your car into the curb. I know shit happens. But damn if u do that on a rc I’d hate to see u drive a real car. If u can’t crush it with your hand seems pretty durable to me. But once again they are plastic and rubber. The compound might be cheaper though. But I will be the judge of that. I just ordered two sets because I wanted two different street compounds. My rims usually get chewed up by either it flipping on the street or using my buggy tires soft compound on the street but never had a rim break like that. That’s some serious bashing. With a street car lol. Ya know I have an iron track tanto and that thing is amazing. I put it through hell and fortunately last better than my losi. I recently smacked the shit out of a plow and all that happened was I broke the shock tower. My car does at least 60mph. I had dirt tires on it though. My losi flips all the damn time and that’s only at about 40 to 45 I have cheap rims on there and they’re spoked and have taken a beating from hell. But I’ve also just had to replace the shock tower, turnbuckles, carriers u name it. I just dumped 50 bucks into repairs because of brushless lol. But that right there my friend don’t mislead people because of your bad driving. Honestly I think buying those will be a nice addition considering my Chinese rc.

jairus loo says:

Tbh the hpi ones im sure don’t have foams inside so ye they are stiff and usually i use up my tires after like four runs

Haromir says:

dat tiger. 
-Amir Shafiq

Kenneth Defreitas says:

Ali express suck I order a nitro bike from them never got it never got my money back I’ll never again order from them

Feddrick Jawi says:

Aliexpress sucks..

DanP RC says:

Did the wheels comes with mixed matched tires!

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