Rim Blades & Rim Bands VS AlloyGator VS RIM RINGZ – PART 1 Unboxing

Hello all, Thank you for being with us again! Couple of weeks ago I came acros four products (Rim Blades, Rim Bands, Alloygator and RIM RIMGZ),that protect your wheels-rim from curb rash and boost the look of your car. In this review we will show you the unboxing of those four products. We also plan to make 2nd video about instalation and 3rd video to test are those four products of any use.


Lusy Sweethart says:

Where I can get those rim ringz?

nateoz says:

Please, can you send me a pm when you’re other episode are done?

Professorwheeto says:

I’m not sure about the rimringz, they just don’t look that secure. The blades and the bands look far too soft to offer any real protection. I don’t think they have been independently professionally tested like the gators either.
You won’t snap the gators, when you trim them to size have a play with the offcut. I smashed into a kerb at 10mph + after skidding on ice, it bent my front suspension wishbone but the gators protected my wheel.
Are you going to do a video where you kerb each product?

nateoz says:

RimRingz are the best, check rimringzshop

darren simone says:

I would agree. Today we did instalation video which we will upload soon and I can say that RIM RINGZ did the best of them all.

John M says:

have installed all of the above, as far as being the best all around the alloys are the best,they stay on don’t fall off are easy to replace, and they protect the best. this guy have no idea what he is doing. I have 30 year in the auto biz. I have made limo,put elec sunroof I paint cars ,repair and refinish wheels alloy are the only one I will install.i don’t get any problems

darren simone says:

At rimringz dot com

Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3 says:

Just to point out, Rimblades are expensive and not effective. They fly off the wheel at 100mph..


Looks like you have an old set of Rimblades there. We now have a fourth generation with a better box and we are now working with 3M who supply a higher quality tape. We also now use 3M branded cleaning wipes and the 3M primer is supplied in an easy to use pen. I will happily supply you a better set to review. Also I note you have got hold of a set of Rimbands which is not on general sale yet. Samples have only gone out to trade for evaluation and the product is being redesigned.

Darren Wiseman says:

rim dealer co uk

rimfixer says:

What an idiot has no idea what he’s doing !!!!!

BIG T. says:

How about tyre replacement what happens then

Brunin G3 neri says:

why focus so much on the bending capability. Its not made to bend you idiot, its made to resist scratch. A bit biased.

Jim Bod says:

FAIL ! we cant hear you !!

arthur a says:

Really loved info on RimRingz… Thanks a lot Darren

Milica Antic says:

RimRingz is the best looking one so far.

KjeldTM says:

You should have done some more research. You hardly know how to install these products. You should at least watched a short installation vid. Still you got some views though

jon calderon says:

I seem to have the old set of Rimblades as well. Is there any way I could get the fourth generation Rimblades?

David Franks says:

@anish4, who said “Just learn to park properly? Don’t see the point in these tbh” I sincerely hope that YOU are forced up a high kerb on a blind bend by a truck driver like I was. What a stupid, smug, arrogant thing to say!

anish4 says:

Just learn to park properly? Don’t see the point in these tbh


Rimblades have fully been fully tested and approved by Millbrook. We have a full safety test report. The 4th generation are only just starting to go out.
We have now finished our development of Rimbands. It is now made from the most tear resistant silicone available and is twice as hard as the early samples. It is also now size specific per wheel rim size. We will be updating our website and video for this product soon. We are happy with how Rimbands has turned out now development is complete.

J Rio says:

brah u talk like a 14 year old teenager. speak up☝

glovedcop69 says:

Would most people say rin rings are the best?


We are also working with 3M now on Rimblades, who have samples in their labs and who are trying to develop the perfect tape for Rimblades, so it will eventually not require a primer.

Steve Walsh says:

Could hardly hear a word and what I could hear I couldn’t understand !!!!!

Jay-J Garrett says:

you bought it for 60 bucks??? its getting sold here for £9.99

John M says:

forgot I had to replace 10 set of rimblades at a audi dealer because they were coming off within a week ,if you want the name of the dealer and the gm name let me know,i hate people who don’t know what they are talking about. I can back up evertthing I say,i don’t bs

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