Removing a Stuck Wheel, Rim

Removing a Stuck Wheel, Rim. I was going to remove the wheel off this truck . After taking all the lug nuts off ,I still could not remove the wheel.I tried penetrating oil and hitting tire with a hammer. Nothing worked so I put lug nuts on loose and backed the truck up stopping fast and using the clutch ,finally got the wheel off.
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jaidank says:

Great advice. I did it and it worked.

TheVirTex says:

I want to let you know I worked on getting my rear right tire off my 98 Dodge Ram 1500 for about 3 hours before watching your video. I used WD-40 Rust Release Penetrant Spray, Bel-Ray 6 in 1 Superior Penetrating & Lubricating Fluid, PB Blaster, a torch, and tons of hammering/kicking with the same result. I followed your advice and Boom! I did have to do it 3 times before the tire finally came off but still…it took a total time of 20 min. I loosened the nuts and drove truck the first time and the lug nuts where tight but after jacking the truck up, the wheel still wouldn’t come off. I loosened them again and repeated to find them tight again but the wheel still wouldn’t come off. I loosened them again a 3rd time, drove the truck, and the wheel came off. I’m sure you can relate to the frustration I was feeling and if I could, I would give you a HUGE “high-five” for the help.

super8guy says:

My ’09 Camry rear wheel was similarly stuck on. After using plenty PB Blaster, tincture of time, and much pounding directly on the rim w/ a sledge…nuttin. I then resorted to ur suggestion loosening the nuts, driving, then slamming on the brakes. The one mod I made to ur technique was overinflating the stuck tire in the hope that would cause more force to be transmitted to that wheel. It took me two panic stops from 40 mph to loosen the bond. Better believe I’m now applying antiseize whenever I remove a wheel. Thanks for making the vid!

Lenny Kelleher says:

Your tip worked like a charm.Thanks and thank God for Youtube.

RD Cards says:

Great video

Austin Lucas says:

Thanks, my Suburban’s wheel problems are gonna get knocked out after seeing this.

JohnCarey1963Jag says:

Good stuff Terry.

CountrySideClub says:

Nice!! CJ


Thank you for this how-to vid. What’s the product name of the penetrating oil? What grade sand paper was used and brand? …suggesting adding this to the vid description and contact the product manufacturer for promoting their product and perhaps gets some sponsorship.

Scott Best says:

Stubborn bugger that was, good tips and tricks there Terry, thank-you

tomswonderfulworld says:

that one was really one there

bobbg says:

Learn somthing new every day, Thanks I’ll giver er a try next time.

Ryan C says:

I had a hard time on my last wheel. (always last one) I will try that trick..this weekend again carefully. thx.

dominodoggy1 says:

whats real funny is every one of the half dozen or so ‘stuck wheel’ videos I’ve watched to get different ideas, the vehicle has been a dodge

ZIGgassedUP says:

I was real interested in watching this one Terry ‘cos I see that all the time especially on particular makes and models…I wonder what our customers would think if we did a few skids to break the rim loose…lol…They can be stubborn and I love that idea…Thanks mate.

Bruce Paverd says:

This worked perfectly – thank you!

TimsComputerRepair says:

Good tip.

ForeIndication says:

I was contemplating this method but figured I would Google up to see if anyone else had come up with this and sure enough there you are. Awesome, thanks for taking the time to post.

Larry I says:

If you can’t get your tire off when you are trying to work on it, you are not going to be able to get it off if you have a flat tire on the road. It’s a good idea to do this on an older car. Garages won’t tell you this because they can get it off. But just because they can, does not mean that you can.

Jacob Medina says:

Should let people know that this worked for me. had to use this on my 2011 bmw. worked like a charm.

Gary Farris says:

Just put a pry bar between the knuckle (or any solid leverage point), and the rim, then give it a yank. It will pop right off.

Calvin Hunt says:

Many Thanks this worked for me

Jeremy Dale says:

thank you so much for this video. Long story short,woke up to a flat n couldnt get tire off,local places wouldnt do 1 tire cuz its 4 wheel drive,if not for you i would have missed work and possibly lost my job. I owe you a beer buddy.

Aaron Berroya says:

this helped me. thanks

CountrySideClub says:

Nice!! CJ

Andrew Stella says:

Thanks, Eric!

Dom956 says:

I did this shit for like 10 minutes and it didn’t work haha

Rodder Files says:

wow she was really stuck on there…

BubBleWaRp says:

great tips! At 3:00 the wheel has started to wobble

Velvethamma says:

Good tips

Terrence Plummer says:

3 times in reverse 3 times in drive will came right off. Thanks!!!!!! best vid ever!!!

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