Rally Wheels Explained

A quick look at rally wheels and how they are different from normal production wheels and other racing wheels.


George Isaak says:

Jesus Christ , caught myself making a shopping list !!! LOL

Jason Gåle says:

excellent vid with important info. thank you

shyboyangelus says:

some rally wheels have different fitments, group “A” . “1” . “4” . etc . does anyone know what this means and what the difference is?

MDMA RacingTeam says:

Very good video!

Thomas Carter says:

It annoys me when people call alloy wheels aluminium especially when they refer to them as both you are contradicting yourself.

クルー喧嘩者 says:


J says:

Where the Rays at?

Sebastian Castaneda says:

What do you think about the bbs rims that come stock on sti’s?

Diego Tobar says:

Okay so a set of those Sparcos that you mention are “okay” should be more than enough for driving on winter mountain roads with a winter/snow tire.

War Phoine says:

I wish school was this compelling?


Any rims you recommend for a Suzuki Swift SPORT?

Vijayapragas Muniandy says:


Checker_guy says:

This guy is giving off a car salesman kinda vibe

The Dealer says:

Had big alloy wheels and hit concrete. Did just like you said an snapped my tie rod in half an bent the control arm. Wheel looked pretty nice actually.

AlienMonkeyDXB says:

Energy is TRANSFERRED!!! NOT Translated! Immediate stop watching and DISLIKE!

Marcelo Henrique says:

Maybe I will buy some Rally Wheels to drive in Brazil.

FreddyBoomBoom's Channel 1985 says:

Chris Harris’s American cousin

Heads Up says:

Thank you

IcantSignIn says:

I mostly jumped a ditch in my 68 Rolla at about 95 mph. The front tires hit the far side first, bounced, almost did an end over…landed with the front tires pointing away from each other. Centerlink was bowed pretty badly but the steelies were fine.

Anthony Malfino says:

Most excellent indeed. Thank you sirs!!!

Dominik Heidrich says:

Would you recommend the OZ Rally Racing (2017 New Edition) as a winter wheel for a daily driven GT86? I’m running Sparco Assetto Gara for the summer and want something nicer than OEM wheels for the winter soon. Thought you might have enough experience to give a clue 😀

Stephen C. says:

Who the fuck is using aluminum rims offroad?

Max_Malcom says:

Amazing lesson

LeChuck652 says:

“aluminum” , lol

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