Powerstroke brake dust one dollar wheel cleaner battle!



After two weeks of towing with my F250 6.7 Powerstroke my wheels are caked in dirty brake dust and road grime. What wheel cleaner works the best? We test two options, a dollar store cheap multi purpose cleaner, and a acid based specific heavy duty wheel cleaner. You guys vote and decide! If anyone has anyone good wheel cleaner suggestions please post it below and we can test.

2017 f250 powerstroke platinum
Meguiars hot rims chrome wheel cleaner
awesome multi purpose cleaner


brandon avenarius says:

Adam’s polishes wheel cleaner/eco wheel cleaner and Adams tire armor

Waleed Mcclintock says:

Way to keep it honest about the dollar store stuff,being dollar store stuff…didn’t remove pitting

B G says:

Hey man . That tire shire will turn the tires brown after a while . Trust me . It is because of the silicone . Stay away from any kinds similar as well.

ken docken says:

Straight dawn dish on scrub pad on dry tire cleans any white wall and whit lettering.

800lb Gorilla says:

4:25 Meguiars (works)
7:12 Dollar Store (doesn’t work)
…I saved you 11 minutes.

Cameron Marshall says:

Eagle One

ken docken says:

Simple green, maqwires shot shine in proof can.

P fields says:

Awesome is fucking Awesome…
1 buck O Roo…

Brendan Ballard says:

Why don’t you get rid of those gay wheels and truck

Adrian Ramirez says:

For the white letters use the purple meguires wheel and rim cleaner with a brush and it will get it back to white

Waleed Mcclintock says:

Little less beer courage…and you guys might grow…once you edited the video and saw your bud drinking continuously and walking back and forth like a weird o….reshoot…you don’t need beer to be entertaining

Comrade Yuri says:

Finally, less bull shit and down to it !

Phillip Wolf says:


Yuri polkavich says:

Great review but yer boy needs to slow down on the nectar of the gods, he’s starting to slur his words.

Ed Mazeing says:

One guy was drinking the whole video, even in the reflection off the truck. Sound drunk asf @ the end, SMH!!

Lone Wolf says:

all these cleaners are not needed and are just marketing ploys, a little soap n water and elbow grease go a long way.

lowrider9367 says:

I find just regular soap and water does the trick. In addition, regular cleaning of wheels prevents the use of harsh acidic expensive cleaners as well. Wash often & save cash!!!

Chino Perez says:

Coverall best tire shine 9$ a can tho

ken docken says:

I use blue magic on my factory coated rims on my 2010 f350 6.4. Why? Your truck is clear coated and you wax that. So why not wax your rims? 150k miles my wheels look like the day I bought it brand new with 5 miles on truck. Some people to libtartdy to understand this. So I say again. Truck is clear coated and gets waxed so your rims are clear coated so use blue magic on your rims. Napa is where I buy mine. In a jar like mother’s yet its light blue in color and I use it on my bagger to polish my aluminum and chrome. It polishes all metals cleared or not!

triplecranks says:

That guy in the coke shirt is funny. Can’t handle his beer lol!

Jeff M. says:

Awesome does the job. Spray it next time without watering down the rim/tire first. Also try awesome with the white magic pads (also can buy at Dollar general) on the white lettering of the tire. Should look brand new. Then use coverall from orielys on the tire when it’s dry. We use awesome/magic pads on seats and floors detailing boats and it comes out mint.

ken docken says:

Purple power works good too on clear coated wheels.

James Johnson says:

Chemical Guys tire shine is the best. No sling and shine lasts

Paul Fagundes says:

Use a brush with the awsome and it works great, that’s that i use you can’t go wrong for $1

D J says:

Great test guys. What I like to use is Meguiar’s “All Wheel Cleaner” (AWC). This stuff cleaned 12 years of brake dust off the wheel barrels on my 06 Dodge Ram and I did not touch the wheel. Sprayed on rinsed off.  If Tarn-X made a wheel cleaner this would be it. Also worth noting is that this can also be used in place or “IRON-X” as a paint prep (so much cheaper too). And yes; the All Wheel Cleaner does turn/change to purple as is cleans the wheel. Eats the iron and rail dust right off your paint surface. Clear coat safe. It’s $8.00 @ Walmart. Try this on one of your videos. It is a 2-in-1 product. Meg’s AWC is perfect when detailing autos/trucks painted surfaces.  Also Meguiar’s “Wheel Brightener” for Pro detailers is great stuff too. Meg’s Wheel Brightener would be perfect for those wheels used in this video.  Again; great test.  Thanks.  Dave

Bill Hagen says:

Flash Brown Royal Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Nonya Bizness says:

I could piss on a tire after 2 weeks and get the same results!!

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