Poorboys world wheel cleaner review. Best wheel cleaner ever! ✔️

This company isn’t well known but they have some good products, poorboy’s world wheel cleaner will be my go to wheel cleaner from now on. This stuff is amazing!


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Ala Doc says:

Holy crappie that’s awesome

bryan70546 says:

2 years worth of brake dust huh and never cleaned sorry not buying it . don’t doubt the product don’t work just doubt that’s 2 years worth of use on those rims unless the car was hardly driven.

Spike S550 says:

Pretty good stuff bro, I wonder if I can buy it here in Australia ? hopefully I can. Good video btw !

Kandace Knight says:

Cleaned my rims really good!!

FastPuma says:

I need one of them hose guns. The pressure is awesome have you got a link please?

Dave Clute says:

Sold! Adding this to my car wash arsenal!

Er br says:

Is it not just a wheel acid? If it is, I wouldn’t use it every time.

Derek Levins says:

I will purchase this voodoo

Shimmering Rydez Auto Detailing says:

I’ve been trying to find something else that I can use and this show’s proof. Thank you very much for the demonstration. San Jose, CA Bay Area Cali

Poorboy's World says:

Thanks for the video and thanks for sharing your results using Spray & Rinse. We are going to share the video on our Facebook page. Sweet car!

Stacy Knight says:

Wow! I need some of that!!

Gotallofthem1 says:

Ok since Poorboys is Safe for painted wheels (paint that is), and is really strong. Do you know if you could use it on the car itself, say if it has some tar on it. If this struff is strong enough to brake down “caked brake dust” with just a rinse, should be able to take off the Tar on the side of the car?

Ever tried?

B702K says:

Nice! I’ll have give that a try. I love seeing my car on YouTube lol.

86mustanggt says:

This is a great product. I have used it. Keep in mind this is an acid based wheel cleaner.

Clay Williams says:

Put up a link to the site Randy.

Marciel Industries says:

Dude the leaf blower is genius lol. I like the name of the product so im gonna check them out.

ron nie says:


Gotallofthem1 says:

But what about the tires? You may not have to brush the wheels, but those tires will still need some scrubbing to get the browning out?

Unless this product also works touch-less on the wheels?

The Mighty Quinn says:

I bought some after watching HonestlyOCD do it too. I still can’t believe how good that stuff works.

ron nie says:


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