PlastiDip Rims – Without Taking Wheels off the Car – How To

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Full Tutorial on how to Plasti Dip your rims without taking them off the car. Step by Step from Fonzie at


101712s says:

im pretty sure homedepot is cheaper

DJAZAlwayz says:

how many cans did u use for 4 wheel fonzi ???

Kevin B. says:

My overspray on my tires did NOT peel right off it was a bitch getting it off my tires lol

AndrewSpringerMusic says:

what about removing very fine over spray on the tire? even if I intentionally spray on the tire there’s still going to be some real fine speckling, how to I get that off?

Jeffrey Contreras says:

Remember guys turn on ur car and roll back just a bit for u can see if you have blank spots missed it’s easier to spot them

Mohsin Ashraf says:

does the paint work on steelies?

DelSoLove x says:

ill be doing this Sunday with just 2 cans for all 4 wheels lol my question is will paint stick well to the dip? im dipping the rims black and then filling in the three letters on the rim with red paint. brushed on will this work?

Lark Guinness Sañosa says:

how many cans did u use on all 4 wheels? thanks

idlingmike2 says:

What idiot would do this vs spraying them off the car.

Dwizzle says:

Great video and channel!! how long will this last?

F TW says:

My question is how can ensue when spraying wheels the excess on the tire will come away so easy like it did in the video or will tear away a little on the edge ? Thanks

monsieurcrypt0 says:

bout to plasti dip the rims on my white smart car hahahha

Cali Sav says:

What if I wash my car and leave the wheels alone.? Is this shit water proof

Tech 313 says:

Do the plastic last in the different weather conditions? Rain, snow, and heat?

The RangersEdge says:

Hold on, you still have to remove the tire to tape up the calipers and rotors/drums.  Kind of defeats the purpose

Sir Eric says:

So… he took off the tire, put the tape on the rotor, put it back on and named the video “plastidip without taking wheels off the car”? Is that what happened

Marfa Lights says:

God you’re so fucking sexy

brian b says:

what if you’re painting hubcaps? same rules apply as in the video?

mckool630 says:

How long do you wait in between coats?? and after last coat

jaime garcia says:

will they wash off at car wash?

Nursultan Tuljakbaj says:

How do you take the wheels off? What is plasti dip and why am I commenting this video..?

dodoz44 says:

Instructions unclear. Plastidipped Harambe black leading to him getting shot 🙁

Sicilian Mike says:

Hey brother if I want to keep the lug nuts from being plasti dip what would you suggest? just tape them ? it will be done leaving the wheels on. thanks

Laurent Span says:

any chance you can post a video on how to properly tape up the wheels? I have everything however I dont want to go ahead and do the process without properly knowing how to tape up the brakes and such

Kimberly says:

So you don’t need to spray the tires with anything beforehand to then be able to remove the plasti dip spray over? It will just peel right off an untreated tire?

SS CygnusX says:

take out the rim cover the rubber … simpleee you lazy boy!

Wizzy Watkins says:

i dont want to make my rims black i would like to make them more of a gunmetal grey. is this possible with plastidip? i would assume yes, but just to spray less coats of it? can anyone confirm this?

Gucci Flip Flops says:

@dipyourcar how many cans per rim

Beluga whale says:

hmm i really want to black out the rims my brother put on my charger. It looks ghetto. You guys thinks this is a good solution? I dont wanna spend a lot of money and this seems like a cheap option

Carl Madarang says:

How did you not get any of that on your white car?

Teddy Bunny says:

I just grab behind the wheels and get it without going through the wheels with tape.

Sayinwhat says:

Cool might have to do the wheels on my minivan,lol, I’m serious.

JosrRocks says:

how long was the whole process?

Brown Trout says:

If I have a set of steel wheels and they are rusty. Whats best steps to prep them and dip them?

sand (using what grits would you recommend for final grit) and then plastidip or sand, primer and then plastidip?

Johnny Urias says:

how many coats you put on per wheel? how many cans did that take?

Darren Wellhoefer says:

I did this exact thing on my car. Its been 2.2 years and that stuff holds up like a champ. A+

David Winn says:

How the hell did you get the tape on there like that without taking the wheels off huh???

Fallen Soldier says:

That was the heaviest dusting ive ever seen. Dont be a weatherman! Hahaha.

Shaun DYST says:

Just got a 2015 yellow Camaro and it has chrome rims, something about chrome I just don’t like and I know the black will look amazing with the yellow so I have to try this out, thanks for the great video!

Sicilian Mike says:

Hey brother if I want to keep the lug nuts from being plasti dip what would you suggest? just tape them ? it will be done leaving the wheels on. thanks

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