PlastiDip on Rims – New Brake Masking System!

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Fonzie from shows you a NEW and EASY way to dip your wheels while they are still on the car! Peel Coat


d cp says:

look how skinny he was

pandeyG Cooking says:

It helped me!

Hendo Ramz says:

Hello! What’s that gadget you put on top of your spray paint can?

Alcrats says:

Why not just take the wheels off?

george wolf says:

how many cans of plasti dip you use for the rims?

garydeandeery says:

Have a friend that now offers plastic dip they did a video but looked like big tube of water then what ever pattern you wanted lay on top of the water spray glue then dip the whole wheel looked well easy and a great job and stood up to scratches too

Keston Ali says:

is this the matte black kit ?

Scott Free says:

didnt know highway driving was fancy.. lol

302GEN says:

How many cans did it take you to do all 4 rims?

Dennis says:

Love these vids!

Vladimir Quintanilla says:

what about when take the car to the car wash does it come off?


Should you finish one wheel at a time? Or do a coat then on the next wheel etc.?

ᑭEᑎTEᑕOᔕTᗩᒪ ᗩᕈᗝᔕTᗝᒪᓰᑕᗝ says:

You are spotting the paint job, you lazy moron, take the wheel off man

Jake M says:

Where do I buy this stuff and how would I properly cover the emblem on the center of my wheels?

chef shawn thomas says:

Great video

TwinTurboLS9 says:

why wouldn’t you use “high temp” gloss engine paint? what is the difference?

chris pieper says:

I did a small plastidip job with a mask on and have a bad sore throat and headaches, I noticed you aren’t wearing any mask at all for this whole job. ever run into issues. like I’m having?

Maddox Win says:

How many cans of that for one wheel?

Jose Silva says:

How many can for 22″ rims ???

garydeandeery says:

Look hydro dip best result

TDTHR3E says:

No worry about overspray onto the fender ugh? Good to know! And all of the people saying take the wheel obviously didn’t read the title. Sheesh, it’s the same!

JD says:

5:30 “and it comes off in one piece”… *removes second piece*

Thanks for the awesome videos!!

Klove The Lou says:

Very nice. Buying this timorrow to paint my wheels…. Glad to see this peiduct because sometimes you want that quick change …

Vikingz Beard says:

I love ur videos man, thanks for the tips. i have dipped a few spots on my car, but months after it doesn’t have the same feel as factory plastic. it’s almost feels a little tacky. did I spray my coats to heavy or is it how this stuff is

E Smith says:

love the trash bag idea!

S S AKSHAY says:

How to mask the brake if one can’t fit his hands between the spokes?

Kathleen Biederstadt says:

What happens with the lugs when you want to change the tire?

djmocok says:

If you plasti dip your dick, that’ll become a condom right?

Danielle Cordero says:

Do you have a video showing how to wrap the roof? I wanna dip my rims and roof gloss black

Max Aguilar says:

Was this one can for one wheel?

04av6 says:

can you answer some questions, why does the plastidip turn rough and milky after a few months.cant wash because it wears out the plastidip

Elio Camey says:

Mine do not look smooth-satin finish, rather they look like line-X! WTH, my rims look aweful!!

Sean Thompson says:

Masking off, he said making off im dying mask off video just came out 10 minutes ago haha

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