Plasti Dip Sucks

Plasti Dip Sucks?

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Plasti Dip doesn’t peel off? Plasti Dip has too much texture? Plasti Dip is cheap? Plasti Dip cars look bad? Plasti Dip does’t last a long time? Why Plasti Dip your car? Why Plasti Dip your wheels? is world famous for peelable car and wheel paint. You can change the color of any part of your car by yourself! A do-it-yourself product that you can use at home and is totally affordable. Contact if you have any questions about DipYourCar or Plasti Dip Products. Spray and paint your wheels, your car, your emblems, your trim – basically anything. Peel it off and go back to the original color when you are ready. Durable, easy to clean and maintain, dipping your car is something almost anyone can do!


VentureBeat says:

vinyl stripes are great but the process takes time. I choose to repaint racing stripes because I know paint. great videos

pagadqs says:

2 years on my wheels and it is great. I bought it from this guy’s web site and I am extremely happy with it.

pnojazz says:

“Why dip you car blue – you should have bought a blue car in the first place.” “it’s human nature to enjoy variety.” A married man’s logic applied to women


my plastic dip is peeling off for no reason

Jury Peter says:

You are right it sucks

KAZ 1 says:

Will plastidip hold up on dirt bike rims?

Jeremy Dye says:

is there anyway I can get into contact with you? in wanting to open up my own shop to do this and need some info please. thank you.

sedohrj87 says:

Was gonna pay a place to wrap my chrome trim on my car for around $300. Did it with plasti dip for $20

Ethan Arnott says:

Is Plasti dip expensive? I want to matte black my 2000 mustang v6 with plasti dip

brian coleman says:

You explained it so well when someone says it’s cheap on the car it depends on who’s doing the job and a matter of taste I like the way you explained the whole situation in many different ways good job it’s all about understanding

Shane Marcum says:

That good attitude I will agree that plastic dip is amazing I use black on my car it’s been sit there two years no issues it’s still there until I want to peel it off anytime I love plastic dip more than wrap

gdk229 says:

wow does he carry on!

soonersdevil says:

No more chrome on my “13 Avalanche

Shane Irwin says:

Great video, and well spoken. Thanks for all the lessons on using this stuff. I’m new to it, and planning to do the grill, rims, and mirrors on my white 4runner. Since I’ve been a painter for many years, this will be easy for me, even though I know it’s not paint. Thanks again!

Joshua Rivera says:

fonzie , your awesome dude!! Listen , im getting a pro car kit as we speak , but what do you think about this mix? – frozen grey with white pearls and gloss topcoat?? im trying to picture how it would look before i decide to do it. it will be on a infiniti G35 coupe. Please let me kno man. Again , your awesome man keep up the great work!!

daily garage says:

all his vids show the right bicep,the one he jacks off with that is more buffer

Matt Fortier says:

Het Fonzi I want to use this product. How many cans do i need for 4 coats on a 16 inch wheel?

dicecoWP says:

Do you even lift, bro!

Ed Esteezy says:

Thought Fonzie went rogue for a sec

Sarunas Masaitis says:

Fools are watching the muscles but do not listen to what the dude says, then complain that the product is guilty. Try to pain your car in the front yard with normal paint

jayr says:

i know this video is a year old but have to say that when people say why not just get a car with that color in the first place it pisses us off that they’re that close fucking minded. people paint their homes inside or outside and why? because they want a change since they’re not going to buy another house that’s already with a new color.

DjDestinyChicago says:

I bought a Mercedes recently that was dipped. Whoever applied it, did not put enough coats. It took me around 12 hours to remove. You can’t put 3 coats and think it’s going to turn out nice.

assclown says:

Im just curious why more coats would make it peel off more easier than a few?

unstablebobgable says:

Fonzie looked different when he was on Happy Days

Jayy Romero says:

What about when you power wash your car ? Will it still hold out or would I be damaging it faster since its power wash ??

J Watts says:

Can you do the interior too?

Ethan T says:

Now I want to PlastiDip my car!!!

Luka Cee says:

My first large plasti dip job I did sucked and I totally, 100% put the blame on myself. I have done two sets of wheels. Both turned out great. The dip I got on my 88 Mustang GT wheels is almost 2 years old and still looks great. I even curbed one of the wheels and the dip came off. I never got around to fixing it, but it has never gotten worse. I am planning on giving it a second shot on doing my whole 06 mustang soon. If it doesn’t work out. Ill try it again till I get it right.

1rewd1 says:

The only crappy dip jobs I know of all work at Jiffy Lube.

Targets Appear says:

This shit is garbage. I have never personally seen a car that came out well. Every time i have seen someone peel it off, it takes off clearcoat or doesnt come off in one piece. Just get your car painted or wrapped and stay away from this garbage.


Bro do you even lift?

Bob Sagget says:

The comments about dudes bicepts are hilarious. But true…when using plastidip to paint your car…with how many strokes you have to take and coats to put on ( 6+), you’ll have cepts that would make Arnold jealous.

Nicolas Cage says:

Did this guy plasti dip his walls too

Goofy Dog says:

can you tell that im flexing me muscles…..

VentureBeat says:

as a painter I would have to go back to school with plasti dip.

Dennis Howell says:

If I dip my bumper first and then spay texture bed liner over top of it will it still peel off

sapher2020 says:

Can you Plasti Dip your beard?


Anybody else notice when he was talking about pealing it off and it showed the car door being pealed off (at 4 min), that it was white under the red? So… you did a white layer before you did a red layer? Or was that a sticker…………………………

Thomas Gregory says:

Can I just put duct tape over the rust holes in my truck and plasti rap it?

mark yisser says:

so how many coats u supposed to use?
what time to wait between coats before it’s too late?

if i paint a coat a day, will it still be considered several coats?
or coats have to be close together?

Cory Boyd says:

NICE PIPES and physic.

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