Plasti Dip Rims Wheels – How to, Durability test

Plasti Dip Rims/Wheels full review. How to, Durability test, Before / After
Offroading, High pressure wash with Plasti dipped rims

This is my first review video, sorry if there are mistakes 🙂

Vehicle: Jeep Wrangler JK (35 inch tyres, 17×8 inch rims)

♫ DOCTOR VOX – Alien Superfunk


SpazDillinger says:


Okaythen001 says:

where can I buy matte graphite plasti dip? can’t seem to find them maybe it’s under another color name?

Zackasee_ says:

I did a not-so-great job on mine… They’re smooth for the most part! But I got some textured spots here and there 🙁

pilotdee53 says:

Thanks your the only one to cover the high pressure wash

Daniel Alanis III says:

Awesome video!

Going Off Grid says:

 used plasti dip on my rims and didnt like it at all, dirt sticks to it way to easy and pressure washer can take it right off

Chandler Kelley says:

I am a firm believer in plastidip haha

MaYbYl8eR says:

this video explains to me why cars get overpsray on them. thanks for getting overspray all over the garage

boomshaka baca says:

flex seal works good too

Vinny Stax says:

thanks for the vid and i hate to sound like someone complaining but the music was definitely uber distracting for my ADD

Singh Raj says:

after driving how long do you have to wait before you can cover the brakes?

JB Video & Gopro Edits says:

Thanks so much!

Chris DiAntonio says:

Great video! thanks man. im gonna do this!!!

Crade Gucker says:

Plasti dip looks great mate, i will try it this weekend on my rims!

Forvitnir says:

impressive they lasted wheeling. how many coats did you use for each rim? thinking about hitting mine up but was curious if they would last off-road

Homero Jr says:

Which color it is?
Flat, matte or bright black

G Blah says:

Thank you

king10richard says:

i have silver rins….what about to this color???

Sabrina Finley says:

2:57… haahhah “Oooops” LMAO
I love that you did this video – thanks – I’m convinced!

DMT says:

Awesome video!! I did this to my black 4 door 2011 wrangler unlimited, love the look!!

CS Savage says:

why would you plasti dip black rims black when you could have just painted them black?

casanovaevren says:

black is covering color.I just used metalizer on them man they look too nice to drive as I don’t know how prune they are for scratches cos I ll see any spot on them

stopasking formynamegoogl says:


nick gonce says:

Hey, was just wondering, I really like your rims! What brand are they? Cheers

Chriz Crozz says:

Really Good video

RealDarkFilm says:

why not just take the wheels off and do it?

ar15freak says:

Plasti dip is awesome.
It ain’t goin no where till you want it too but it is still pretty easy to get off when you Wana get rid of it

Beastboy777 says:

oh man i thought the evo was his

PC & Co. says:

Was it chipping off with the high pressure rinse? Or did it just look that way?

William Rogers says:

Looks really good.  Any issues getting it on the tire?  Does it flake off eventually?

Sebastian Haltnes says:

how is it as “paint”?

Tomate 272 says:

You user 3 sprays in all four wheels with 3 coat’s? I want to DIP my wheels, but they are 15×8 inch…

Fishers SpecV says:

cost me $30 for all my wheels and emblems :}

Will Standryk says:

Great video. Just a question looks like your rims are flat black already. I’m wanting to spray my new oem rims black but they are clear coated. What’s everyone’s thought on prepping those? A light scuff maybe?.

Cocologo says:

great video !!!!

John's Adventures says:

I would not want to be the guy parking next to you in the garage and get plastic dip overspray on my car. move your car to a different spot away from other cars dude.

Chad Deligney says:

plasti dip = gold in a can

if only all good things coast 5.98 from lowes 

MrNABMAN91 says:

Where abouts were 4wding?

rudedogii says:

I just use black paint. I see i’m not the only one who works on his 4×4 in flip flops.

Dustin Tarditi says:

Why not remove the wheels? 

ejayerik says:

Best video on this topic I’ve seen yet!

Hugo Finlay says:

how many cans did it take to do all wheels ????

MadPanda582 says:

Why would you plastidip black rims to be black, though?

Kyle Mosconi says:

pretty good for less than minimum

Terry Kruse says:

so highly recommended?

Matthew O says:

Might give it a try. Cheers

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