Pacenti SL23 rims long term review

I’ve been riding around on Pacenti rims for about 2 years now. My advice: don’t buy them.

Do you want to read words I’ve written after listening to me talk? Head on over to La Velocita:

Check out the H Plus Son rims:

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La Velocita says:

+1 for HED Belgiums…

Sam Jeffries says:

You so nasty. I like it.

Squad says:

jesus christ, what a fucking piece of shit mate

Wai Keong Law says:

We built more then 30 pairs of the SL23, Your review is well and fair. We face the same problem you mentioned, about putting on tyres, there’s a Vid about it. brake pad, try the Wishbone Red brake pad, cheap and very good. Cheers, keep up the fair review.

Sergio Luongo says:

first…they are not italian!
Italian do it better!N.1

lakevacm says:

Guess you won’t be getting any free stuff from Pacenti

Carlo Fazi says:

Thanks for the review. Was considering the sl25s. To be fair disc specific. That’s why the local wheelbuilder stopped using I guess

RadioSnivins says:

Ya bent the brake track? Sheesh! Those things are worse than day old dim sims.

Alan Benham says:

Use Kool Stop Pads. Hard to get tyres on yes, until I found this beauty:

insquares says:

I had a horrible experience with them as well. Cracked first rear rim and a rattle in the front rim due to a bad seam join. I used tubeless tape with non-tubeless tires and they were hard to fit tires but I could do it without levers.

Sills71 says:

It looks like you are running a cloth rim strip…  have you tried a plastic rim strip?   I had the same problem mounting tires with Kinlin rims until I tried a thin plastic rim strip….

Ben Cove says:

If you say all this expensive stuff you’re test riding is rubbish, it makes us poor folk feel better about not being able to afford it. #EmbraceJeremyClarkson

Bernard Goetz says:

Have you done a test on the tune black burner C60 Clinchers? I really like the look of them but some reviews of the Tune 170 mag hub weren’t very good .. said they needed a lot of repairs?
Cheers Bernie

Mad Monkey Cycling says:

Haha, great, this has been confirmed by my wheelbuilder. Absolute shit rims. Had to put tires in the dryer to haat them up to fit. After 500 k’s I bent the rim for the first time, had them rebuilt under warranty. Bended them 5 more times, got sick of it. My wheelbuilder is rebuilding a set with the hubs with dt Swiss rr411 rims. I’m hoping them to turn out better and Yes, I wanted them to work so bad because they did spin up nicely up climbs weighing 1330g’s ..

Russell Treib says:

I have the november wheelset which are Pacenti’s with White Industry hubs… the hubs hate the rims

RadioSnivins says:

H. Plus Son Archetypes, or HED Belgiums, and a Kool-Stop tyre bead jack.

Tom says:

No mention of the custom text “They see me rollin”!!!
another great review, keep it up

Bernard Goetz says:

Thanks for the feedback. None of the retailers have sold any of the Blackburner carbon wheels & there was a pretty negative review in the U.S so I think I’ll go with a more reputable brand like Enve or the new Mavic pro carbon SL wheels!
Cheers Bernie

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