@royalrandy finally picked up a new project car!!

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sunshyn says:

you didnt check the fuse dude

Derin Colon says:

Water won’t get into the car if it’s tilted like that I always have my moonroof tilted even when it rains and all and water never gets in

Jerk Of All Trades says:

That’s one used up exhaust… new my ass

Sam Mitchell says:

If you’ve ever had the battery out or the car has completely died, the moon roof may need re initialized. I can PM you instructions on how to attempt to re initialize the moon roof.

Kevin Ponce says:

I knew it was a Z when i seen the exhaust

MrFyb ohyeahyeah says:

yay thomas uploaded 🙂

Calvin Williams says:

Finally an upload

Mdouble M says:

Where can I order HKS exhaust like this: 1:03

John Doe says:

I didn’t know tony was your brother lmao

an dang says:

You may need to initialize sun roof, while in close position, hold close switch for 10 sec or more, and sun roof will start cycling open/close and tilt up and down. Anytime you unplug sunroof motor or battery sun roof needs to be initailized

Alex Pham says:

Where is kaz

William Santiago says:

The sunroof motor is bad

Shakotanシャコタン says:

where is christian

Lowz says:

Finally a second 350z in the squad

nick lol says:

Sonny with the rx7 and then randy with the r32gtr. Can’t wait to see what jdm legend you gunna get man.

Jio Moreno says:

Where is kaz?

Dh24 says:

your mustache is worse than adam lz’s

Jacob Cardona says:

Aye bro mines was legit doing the same shit I just bought an 04 Only had to swapped the power switch from out my 01 to the 04 and boom it slides back and forth and tilts with no slack or hesitations future reference

Cameron Naylor says:

Change the swich panal

nelson s says:

prelude looks hella clean

Ricardo Galindo says:

Tony it’s your brother what!!!!

Giovannie Dapp says:

It wouldn’t be a fuse because if it were a fuse it wouldn’t work at all and since you cleaned the motor and it works partially, the next step i would take is replace the switch. If you don’t want to change the switch, use a power probe as the switch and see if it works normally then.

SickVick says:

That tax money lmao

KyloREKT says:

Just press and hold the button to tuck the sunroof, my Is300 had the same problem. I just figured out how to close it and never touched it again.

It's Arthur says:

who knew it was a 350 on the thumbnail

Christopher Huang says:

Haven’t seen RoyalRandy in a hot minute!

Johnathan Escobar says:

“I tink this vlog was a good vlog guise”

Miata U says:

The look on that kid’s face that gave him the muffler when he explained he wanted to replace a thin little straight pipe that’s hitting the lip with a huge ass can tell that it won’t work.

Jose DeAvila says:

Wanna see that z more

Busta Prime says:

on my 97 eclipse my sun roof wont close all the way by its self, i have to put my fist on the roof and apply pressure then it closes fine

Matty Mah niggz says:

Mate give up, you don’t know what you’re saying half the time!

Daydrin M says:

It is the switches connection where you press up and down . it has a bad connection. Pull the two swithes out look in side and clean inside thats what i think it is its what happend to my eclipse sun roof try it . im pretty sure thats the problem . showing some love from the 808 state hawaii keep it up with the videos bro aloha

Sepevo says:

re: sunroof: Dirty switches? Go in there with some steel wool might be faulty connection at a certain point (all the way down)? Also, check your switches themselves. they might be locked in the up position which is why it wont come down. I recently went through this with my driver door master switch trying to fix my windows (stuck down and not working in 3 passenger doors), and this turned out to be the case for me. Hope this helps!

Crow 505 says:

The asian austin powers!!


Get those for your IS

Jorge Graciano says:

Great vlogs Thomas keep up the good work!!

Joe Torres says:

Thomas do a video on a custom headliner for the is

Paoweezys Vlogs says:

That muffler is gonna get tore up.. is300 back is hella long.. they do better with oval shaped mufflers..

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