NEVER use tire shine AGAIN! Try THIS instead.

Use THIS instead of tire shine that doesn’t work! This is much better, trust me! If you’d like to see more stuff like this, let me know!

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olo says:

WD-40 works better then all that bs if you have a truck with rims on it and you drive it in the winter spray the rims down with wd40 and the it keeps them from being damaged by road salt and a simple spray down with water cleans them right up

yomomajumprcables says:

Nice MUSTANG love the sound

The Final Solution says:

why do you have a different pair of rims for the front and rear?

Ronn Ram says:

What if you have white tire letters ? Method still works ?

Sam a says:

Where did you get it??

Ian Harwin says:

Where did you get the Cover All for $8? I can find it for less than $18.

hung nguye says:

Where I buy that cover it?

James Nusky says:

Good info. Thanks. Gonna get some coverall

Riley Smith says:

Does it prevent dry rot? Or does it cause dry rot?

The Blade Runner says:

Maguire’s sells a wheel Cleaner that is less harmful on the wheel. It comes in the blue bottle.

Headrush450 says:

Yoooo I live in Lafayette!!

04dram04 says:

Too shiny

rosharon built says:

Them car washes are for folks who dont own homes

CAMYOTA R.C. says:

Westleys bleache white! Makes them look like they came from the factory…like they’re supposed to. Not that shiny shit.

Steven Wojcik says:

Video your girl washing it


Guess it’s ok for calipers , brakes , and rotors …no issues ?

Joort3 says:

Not a big fan of using the pink bottle spray for the wheels. I already damage my Benz wheels twice! 🙁

Xintian Zhou says:

What happened to his front bumper? There is a huge gap. LOL. 6:21

5500rpmvtecpower says:

What’s the name of the product

Boban Mitrovic says:

Learn how to drive a car, both hands on the staring wheel!!

Stephen Goncalves says:

Lose the first 2 minutes

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Why you got two different wheels going?

Skywalker says:

If they say not to leave it on for more than 30seconds it can’t be good for the rims. I would be worried that Little by little your clear coat is coming off.

Sharp Reflections Detailing says:

Do not put microfiber towels on the ground. Also that towel was so dirty I would never recommend using it on the wheels it will scratch it just as bad as that brush would.

AppleBottemGs says:

Making us watch 5 min of crap, just show the tire shine part next time.

Why didt you post the product in the description….ugh what a noob

madchanics garage says:

Lol dont use the scrub brush just clean your wheels with a dirty ass micro lol

remibeautysupply says:

He lives in canada

Karl Ian Cortado says:

What is your tire and rim size..please noticed this

Miguel Angel Medina Rise says:

It doesn’t stay glossy for long. Shit goes matte very fast.

Patrick Joseph says:

Every tire dealer says not to put anything on sidewalls. Just soap (carwash liquid) and water.

hank smith says:

Terrible Muzak

bcfbasil says:

Tip – use a piece of thin cardboard (like a broken down shoebox) and a shield that can be placed between the rim and the tire. That way, as you spray the Coverall on the tire the cardboard will shield the wheel from any overspray from the product. That’s what I do and it works great,

Paul Cotton says:

Best way to dry a car is a squeegee blade or air compressor.

Manny Garcia says:

10 min Vid for 2 min of information ? C’mon man

Rico Santana says:

My Tbss is black and every time I finish washing and drying it, 30 mins later there’s dust on it. Do you have any tips on how to keep dust off your car? Thanks!

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