Mickey Thompson Tires & AMR Rims Review

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Nighttime Driving Video about the tires’ performance:

Stock 0-60s & 1/8 mile video:

2015 15 2016 16 Ford Mustang GT V8 V-8EcoBoost Turbo i-4 four cylinder 4 v6 versus vs. 0-60 zero to sixty mods modding mod modifications exhaust intercooler muffler resonator upgrade cold air intake premium interior quarter mile 1/4 rims tires lowering springs independent rear suspension track apps race red deep impact blue racing driving modes mileage mpg gt350 shelby


brandon johnson says:

do these wheels feel Heavier than the stock 18 wheels when u are driving?

Old dirty Bastard says:

Hey man do these tires hook well with traction control off ?

Teri Baber says:

I’m putting these on my Camaro 2SS, BUT, not up-sizing the rear width, only because we lowered my car 1inch in the front and 1.25 inches in the rear… I was worried a wider tire would rub….and NOT in a good way 😉

Jeremy Montemayor says:

How did they arrive to you through USPS at your door or you had to pick them up from the post office

Robert Kohut says:

I have these in the 20″ version with 255 and 285 Nitto Invos. Love them! Great quality, finish and value!!

Alberto Ramon-Cruz says:

The staggered setup is more than 1200 dude

Titan5.0 says:

tire width alone dont do anything to traction but they do help with stiffer side wall . its the comound that changes the grip of the tire

Cheap Car Guy says:

Its a balance of tire width and compound. You don’t always have to go wider if they are more sticky (softer compound)

Fz6r Rider says:

Got the same set up in 20×8.5 and I notice there is some vibration and if I take my hand of the steering wheel it shakes side to side . Any ideas


I couldn’t agree more with your 19 to 20 comparison. Thanks for the information. I will go with 265 front and 305 rear. I really want to lower the car an inch although I very been hearing with speeds over 100mph it gets floaty and that I need shocks and struts. I’m curious about your thoughts on that. Thanks

5OH 2SLO says:

How well do they hook

Martin Guevara says:

You need suspension work done before you start worrying about tire size

Richard Barcellos says:

hey man, i’m thinking about getting these tires, i have to get 255/40 19’s all around, and i have a stock ecoboost and i was wondering if these are good grip, noise, confort, gas millage, can you tell me if they would be a good choice ?

Keegan Jacobs says:

are these drag radials or street comp MTs ?

Jamie Best says:

how are they in heavy rain my dude?

Jason Airborne says:

what kind of mt tires?

Edwin Diaz says:

the staggered set up is $1565 without sensors

IAcs says:

Cheers for the review. Are these rims susceptible to curb rash? Im on stock wheels at the moment and have rubbed against curbs while parking n the rims dont touch….do the amrs protrude out enough to touch curb do u know?

Steve K says:


Kentuckian says:

more like $1700 for these bro, and that’s with the 6% military discount

Arkansas_S550 says:

I’m buying this exact setup this week from a friend. How has the tread life been?

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