Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner Review on a Toyota Sienna SE.


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Brooks Autry says:

13 dollars a bottle? Here in TN its 9.97 and u can still get the 3$ rebate on it.

Richard Ojeda says:

Another great video.

Christian Maldonado says:

idk if its just me but all wheel cleaners are almost the same thing you have to agitate it every time so i usually buy cheaper wheel cleaner

MTM Porsche says:

I bought it to try but most likely will be sticking with my Dawn soap inside of my pump sprayer. Thanks for the review.

carlo llamosas says:

I like your videos I love meguiars

Garrett Kifer says:

Hands down the best wheel cleaner I’ve ever used is a 50/50 mix of Muscle Magic part # C77-1 at O’Reillys, $9 a gallon and just water. Can make stronger if needed but it is a fantastic all around cleaner, I’d LOVE to see your review of it.

Tarik El-Asfour says:

Can you try POORBOYS SPRAY AND RINSE wheel cleaner they say no agitation id really like to see a video on that

onr detailing news says:

Bout to try nanoskin all purpose cleaner soon to see how it works tfs buddy

peyton jitsopha says:

I love the eagle one wheel cleaner. Last long too with the big one.

John Mitrano says:

Been waiting for this review…Thank you : )

GTR Wendy says:

Great video quality and review. I think i’ll pass on this product at that price.

Supreme 12860 says:

Happy New Year, It’s great to see your videos

Aaron 1530091 says:

What happened to the livestream and what your favorite color changing wheel cleaner so far?

onr detailing news says:

I skip this product because i know its a failure over priced also good video buddy a2z is much better by eagle 1 and wayyy cheaper tfs

Brian H says:

Only $3.97 at Walmart in Indianapolis….with $3.00 rebate

Daniel D925 says:

I don’t think it’s worth the price. I agree with you. Great video, man. I would probably just use double strength car soap or Dawn dish soap if you still have to agitate the wheel. That or Super Clean diluted 4:1.

Alex915 says:

Awesome video! I don’t know about the price point though. I can find something else for a few $ less.

G L says:

You should try meguiars wheel brighter

the great Salvador says:

It be nice if meguiars does gallon size able to dilute I like the product but kind of $ that’s why a gallon would stretch your dollar

Shanley Henry says:

I rather use meguiars hot rims tires and rims cleaner what you think

11tmarsh says:

Great video and review as always!!!I really enjoy the channel!keep up the good work!!!

bradleysr00 says:

Should try poor boy I love it

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