Masterson’s Car Care Wheel and Rim Cleaner Gel Review on a Nissan GTR!

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A special thanks goes to Erick for letting me use his GTR and Greg for sending me the products!


vincent carrella says:

May I offer a tip? If you are going to promote a product you need to get a close up of the product (bottle).

Hillary Clinton says:

Nice GTR man

Jorge Daniel Figueroa Velázquez says:

I really don’t know what to think. I’ve seen few Masterson’s videos and all their products are the same concept from Chemical Guys…

MIKE G says:

yet again, a solid review keep up the good work

TheB3Rick says:

Before the video I thought it was your GTR lol

badar aljasmi says:

When will you buy a GTR?

M M says:

Nice car, man

Victor Gonzalez says:

What happened to the rotors? They were shinny in the beginning of the video and toward the end they look rusted.

MikeEM1 says:

looks cool, but for $5 more, you can buy a gallon of Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener which you dilute 4:1 so it’ll last much longer. Also it removes most water spots so it makes it dual purpose. I use it on my daily and gf’s car. Cost effective, can get it anywhere. Try it out.


whatever that guy does for a living wish I had that job :/

DJR5280 says:

Is Greg Masterson that guy from the Chemical Guys videos with the lisp?

Suavemente173 says:

Loved it . . .

Masterson's Car Care says:

Great Videos, Great Car, Great Products, Great Presenter! Top Notch!

Alex P says:

Haha I thought you actually bought a GT-R!

Eric Miller says:

When I first seen the beginning of the video I’m like Chad got his GTR.. Yay.. Then it was your friends.. Boohoo… But hey you got to drive it. How is it to drive? Other then wheels, any other mods?

No Brakes says:

have you ever tried wearing latex or rubber gloves when you wash wheels/tires ? It really helps to keep your hands cleaner and saves you from knuckle scratches too.

Enrico Oenica says:

so are you gonna buy the GTR soon? lol

slim jim87 says:

Awww this was tease 😉 damn almost fooled me xD i need to wash my 370 but the rainny season just started here in cali :/

Derrick Jones says:

want to see what you think of his new sealant I just got my bottle on Friday, but I haven’t had time to use it yet

Ricardo Torres says:

When you gonna post a video about your pressure washer??

Julian Gonzalez says:

i like it more when u use this products on normal average cars, ‘everyday cars’, like the honda’s or so. and my question is… what is your favorite Masterson’s product so far?

zamborghini green says:

man the GTR looked waaay better after the wash…good job .

Pedro says:

Detailing a Jap nissan.

JaysGarage says:

Detailing engine with new pressure washer?

Kevoo alvarez says:

You should do tj hunts signature wax review

Weston Bridges says:

It works great! Just don’t use it on polished wheels!

xxthehuskycaboosexx says:

The hype is real brah! Can’t wait for you to get your gtr!!!

DelicateDetailing says:

Id be very hesitant on using that daytona speed brush on those nice chrome lips! Cant believe nobody picked up on this!

Extremo Mobile Car Wash says:

I need some Masterson.

twoicyclops says:

What’s so Nasty or Yuck yuck about the dirty water? Crap and vomit is nasty specially mayonnaise

Johnathan Yinger says:

Is it the lighting or did the wheel cleaner have a chemical effect on the brake rotor?

phillip arsenault says:

Great video like always can’t wait to see videos on your gtr and some launch reactions………. when Nathan gets old are you going to hide them keys from him LOL

Matthew Osborne says:

Now that you had a chance to wash your friends GTR and when you were driving it I bet you were saying it’s only a matter of time before you get yours I can’t wait. Keep doing what your doing man are you gonna post a video up of you washing it completely or no?

remelsheikh says:

I have a 370z as well and wish I could do the same as you but im broke 🙁 So the GT-R has to wait for me. But looking forward to your GT-R purchase.

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