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Paul Wharton says:

Very, very good indeed. The spray gun definitely produces a far superior factory professional finish.
Many thanks.

Eliminator Performance says:

They turned out great, worth the effort!

Brandon Silva says:


_Milo says:

I have the same wheels but with holes where studs used to exhaust and this horrid orange creamsicke color. Bondo, sand then doing this.

Coby Cool says:

how to ricer impressed

thatsonyou says:

Here’s a quick tip if you wanna make ur rims look chrome, some graffiti/ art websites have cans that use actual liquid chrome, they’ll be a little more expensive than a regular rattle clan but it’s worth a try, also the more expensive art brands will be a lot better finish than a Walmart brand

Daniel Kihm says:

Where can i get these kinda wheels?

TwitchingwithRage says:

Should have did a before and after.

OblongOne G says:

Now they just look like painted cheap wheels..

Samir Rebronja says:

The video is 4:20 blaze it

TKS Auto Clinic says:

Shower if u lucky ………….

Aiman says:

now we know the secret and whos gonna but tho?

Dawid Kusiak says:

What these alloys called and where they from ?

Illyrianshepherd says:

where do thay look expensive you FUCKING idiot ? go fuck you self

Richard says:

What tool did you use to sand the rims? thanks.

o HITMAN14 o says:

ChrisFix did this first lmao

Dhomy Al-motairi says:

if you have all these shit you should open a business. and nicely done I’m impressed it’s really looks expensive

Diabetic Dickhead says:

Do you not get a whole lot of crap blow back up spraying straight on your driveway like that

Gen Maximus says:

Now go paint your nasty ass window awnings.

Pet er says:

hot guy <3

Amir Danial says:

the more you sand paper the wheel, the more imbalance they become

TEEN_ RC says:

way not to spray wheels lol. looks good but run a huge risk of crap being caught in the paint and clear

Alberto Ceballos says:

i like it! good job!!


seems like alota work and material for a couple hundred dls

Awok Sling says:

You say “wudn’t” I know the ‘S’ and ‘D’ are right next to each other on a US QWERTY keyboard, but when it comes to SPEECH…. I don’t see any reason you can’t properly pronounce the word “wasn’t”. Especially because you’re white, live in America and I am almost certain English is your primary language.

Chris Cheezer says:

why would you want to put all that work into some crap wheels.. ugh, waste of time… effort. build a set of legit wheels. you’ll feel like a million bucks

AndrewDak15 says:

Why were these wheels on a all terrain tire in the first place lmao…

Vortex DnB says:

Don’t buy reps!!!!

Bruce Kao says:

it’s much easier to bead blast then paint. manual sanding is way too time intensive

myurizco hp says:

good work bro, now go get some decal paint on wheel and tires too

christian says:

I accidently found this video. You should make more of these videos! Very relaxing and I enjoyed watching the whole video. Keep it up 🙂

PoisonCobra says:

you are using exactly the same methods i am for my old shit wheels, mine are just ALOT harder to sand because of the design. I first used normal paintstripper which er fucked up a bit (it dried some places) and used the vibrating disc sander with aswell as sandpaper. fuck i hope i’m never buying old beaten rims again its a pain in the ass. for now i’m just going to dip them black.

damanpreet singh says:

How much for em

Levi Mack says:

cant make em look expensive with the multiple bolt pattern design. ruins the look of the wheel

Finick says:

I’m honestly curious how they would’ve looked if you had just polished the bare aluminum. they’re pretty cool lookin, and polished aluminum wheels always looks really nice, imo.

alejandro espino says:

Hey dude, question. My dad gave me a set of rims that he had painted flat black, originally the rims were chrome and gloss black, how do I remove the paint without stripping the original finish? Any thoughts?

Arijan H. says:

What rims are these? they look amazing, btw a good fake tho 😉

JAY MOBz says:

black rims every time why would you change that

Ralph Long III says:

Use that same gun on the awnings on your house. Good job.

XxValhallaxX- says:

How to make your cheap wheels/ reps look expensive?

Get a job and dont buy reps.

It was a good video but seriously. Building and modding your car to look good costs money. Stop trying to find ways to do things cheap.

Morten Kristoffersen says:

Guessing just having sent them out for blasting & coating would have exceeded their actual value ?

Alex says:

Looking to do this soon, what grit sandpaper for the primer wet sand?

Robert Johnson says:

Man that’s a lot of work!

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