Making 280mph Capable Carbon Fiber Wheels – /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

One of the most disputed topics in the industry: Is it possible to make high performance carbon fiber wheels? Christian von Koenigsegg explains that it’s not only possible, but his company has been doing it for a few years now. Take a look at how:


David Rivas says:

10:22 Delamination! haha i think its fine

srinitaaigaura says:

It took Ferrari 4 years before they attempted the same thing on the soon to be released 488 Pista. That’s how far CVK is ahead of the competition.

seaplaneguy says:

The problem with your basic concept is you are limited by the engine. Electric motors are NOT the answer due to weight. My new engine is. Want to have a discussion on how to make the correct engine for the fastest engine system, that can get 250 mpg on the highway? Serious. With your charm and salemanship and my engine we could get 80-95% of the fuel out of the world and have the best and faster cars and airplane. You do cars and I do seaplanes that go 400 mph. I race you with my seaplane pulling 1.5 G’s….

Officer Onduty says:

This guy beats elon musk in every way. He shouldve been the ceo of spacex with his knowledge spacex coulve reach mars.

Aloysius Crompton 7th Earl of Fulchester says:

Just say ‘using’ as ‘utilising’ makes a fellow sound a bit dim, like they’re overcompensating for a lack of ze little greycells. I know Baron Von Koenigsegg isn’t that much of a cunt in the fact that if nothing else, he knows how to hire the right people. Even so, stick use/used/using in the future, ye silver spoon tosswomble.

Chris McKinney says:

Imagine how awesome it would be if he put that kind of effort into rollerblades. I’d probably get back into it.

Joel Danao says:

This one , a hypercar without any gears and a camless high performance engine … We should invest in his company .

SwNoLo says:

And car stands from Biltema 😀

Varun Tiwari says:

The engineers on this are true masterminds. A concept turned reality. Amazing work!!

Mika R says:

@/DRIVE, the music you use at the conclusion of each of the INSIDE KOENIGSEGG sections and also from 7:30 to 8:15 of this video. What is it? Can anyone assist in identifying it?

Name Password says:

Don’t you mean 280kph wheels?

Ferrari Playz says:

Koenigsegg One:1 is life

Graeme Stewart says:

brilliant. but he doesn’t half go on about it

Taine Morrish says:

284mph capable

321shack says:

It looks like you are taping carbon fiber and commentating how amazing it is to have carbon fiber in the wheels.

Initial 64 says:

When this guy said “Camber” I knew he is legit

stefano BAGGIO says:

Amazing !

That one Guy says:

Wow this guy seems more like a presenter than a supercar producer!

chad w says:

so what tires do they use?

Rusevelt Roberts says:

If Christian entered Formula 1, what kind of technical innovations would he produce to an f1 car?

Dakoda Brown says:

if you don’t mind me asking, what is the tools you use for the wheels called?

Carl Harrington says:

Beautiful and amazing!!

james perreault says:

there is a few things wrong here. first the guy laying up could save so much time by using a hair dryer to lay up.. and second you would never bag on a plastic table that is just asking for holes in your bag and you would never bag on a table that you use to take your parts out of your molds

luis perez says:

Pagani and koeniggseg are the best quality you will ever find

austin wrougthon says:

fuck lambos fuck any other super cars i feel this is the only hyper car that has the highest amount of tech that no other super car has or will hav for a while!!!

Joe Hew says:

He knows what he is talking about


Full of passion & innovation…

mileguy 72 says:

Now ford has carbon fiber wheels!

Xavier Ancarno says:

No other supercar companies CEO is able to explain as detailed what’s going on in their factory line

Doradosurfcharters Sam says:

prepreg carbon gurus!

seaplaneguy says:

You don’t use the brakes to stop…

Quantum Mechanic says:

It’s amazing what people can achieve.

Positiv says: <---- Pimp your ride ! ;-D

Ferrari Playz says:

I more love Koenigsegg One:1 than Agera RS

Bryan Henry says:

Great technology I would love a set for my Mercedes amg

Bradley Huffstetler says:

As the spokes are hollow and open to the outside, I wonder if moisture would build up somehow inside? (highly doubt they overlooked that though…)

Mark Hormann says:

For anyone itching to purchase a set of CF wheels for the road / track car… check out ‘Carbon Revolution’ – – who have been designing / manufacturing the world’s only one-piece CF wheels since 2008 (so Koenigsegg are not the only CF wheel produces)!

eXoguti097 says:

San Holo

fian manafe says:

The porn of automobile industry

tradesman1000 says:

The best thing I ever did for my fireblade was to put BST carbon fibre wheels on it. The performance improvements are amazing.
I’m sure the gains would be the same for a car.

Akhil Chandra says:

This genuis has literally zero hair. No hair, No brows and No eyelashes!!

r4dius says:

This guy is a genius

Matt Haas says:

egg boy

Luide Mulumba says:

So I guess 280mph+ with these wheels was confirmed…

Explore17 says:

there’s no reason on earth for me to hate this company, he literally knows what is added into his cars!

Griffin says:

I was on a tour there once and I got the opportunity to hold one of their rims. I was like “br u h, that’s light”

Rivera says:

I’d love to work for that company!!

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