Installing Tesla Model 3 Rim Protectors: RimPro-Tec

In this video, we install Tesla Model 3 Rim Protectors, by RimPro-Tec! Click the links below to check out the product. Please consider supporting us on Patreon. We have some pledge rewards you may be interested in, so go check that out. Now You Know!

Wheel Bands Kit for Tesla Model 3

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Ben Liu says:

Does it really protect the rims? It doesn’t look like it will help.

James Oliver says:

Did you really just say “spiffy”? Lol.. jk nice video

Jon Sprague says:

Why did I think this video was about Dikembe Mutombo?

Finance Bro says:

how have the rim protectors held up over time?

Craig Gill says:

Hi Zac
Alloygator is another product you might want to review.

pattoe1973 says:

why you still have winter tyres on your car ? summer is killin them !

Steven C D says:

I almost always like your videos. But this one, I must say isn’t about something I’d ever recommend. It’s so non-Tesla. Throws wheels out of balance. Increases wind resistance. Eventually they’ll be flying off……hopefully to hit some trucker who’s retreads I’ve had to dodge. Nice try guys but my thumb is down. Still like you though.

DersimLondon says:

How do these go against a jet wash?

When I take car to local car wash.

Doug Johnson says:

You guys did a terrific video showing you replacing Bosch charger. I’d like to send it to the electrician who’ll be installing my charger, but can’t didn’t save the link or mail it to myself. Can I ask you guys, or anyone, to share that link? Thanks, it was nicely done, and thorough!

fabian fernandez says:

in autopilot can regenerate energy? ?

Ross Wheeler says:

It looks bad

Bjarne Cola says:

Sorry. Unrelated to the video. You have to cover the all Iron-flow battery for cheap and clean energystorage. Found this on youtube from a company called Now you know

peter sachs says:

Blizzaks in July. For shame Zack, for shame!

Plague Tiger says:

Did you install a Wrap on the front of your 3? If so what was approximate cost?

GBR218 ? says:

You guys awesome, hope you get that semi.

Gallardo6669 says:

Please try to scratch your rims on the curb to see if it works… And how should a 3m tape win the friction fight vs a concrete curb????

Lidiya Grushetska says:

Hi, I was just wondering if Model 3 can use those cameras as dash cam (recording trips)? I don’t like the autopilot when I test-drive model S, therefor I didn’t purchase that feature, but would be nice to have use of all those cameras in the car.

Albany Fx says:

Do I need to remove them or do anything when I service my tires? How will 3m tape hold up on a wheel over a yr or 2? $140 for a set of 4.

itsnotme07 says:

Did you need to rebalance the wheels after putting these on? Just wonder if it could knock the wheels out of balance with the extra weight. Looks cool…love the red inserts!

Dave Gerken says:

Question I have had my model 3 performance for 7 days and the AC quit, tesla said the tech guys would call us tomorrow. Any ideas anyone?

robert boothroyd says:

should just spray your wheels with plasti any color u want looks heaps better

Tom Melka says:

I’ve had these rim guards on my MS since I took delivery in September 2014. They work great!! Importantly they cover up my history of curb bumps. I started with the silver inserts to begin with. But I switched to red since I have the red brake calipers. They pop! I did notice a couple of things in the video. You did not use the plastic install tool that presses the channel onto the rim. It is also then used to press the colored rim guard into the channel. Also, they recommend you start the rim guard at the opposite side of the rim from the channel ends. That gives a smooth joint of both pieces. It should also be pointed out that since these are the first line of defense to curb bumps, they are disposable. Get extra kits to have on hand for repair/replacements.

Rudy Van De Walle says:

I agree with many of the negative comments earlier but I would only consider it from cosmetic standpoint when you want for instance to have the red rims to match the color of your car, else I would not think of putting this on.

Ragwort says:

Recently I thought I caught a flash of a familiar image on my early morning walk on the High Line. A half hour and 2 miles later I stopped at that spot. Sure enough, a big, red Tesla logo gleamed back at me. Tesla had entered the Meat Packing District. Years ago, enormous sides of beef, full-length halves of cattle, hung below me. Butchers in bloody white aprons pushed them inside an old, brick building to cut up for New York’s restaurants and markets.

All that is gone. As are the transvestite prostitutes, the raucous motorcycle bar – “Hogs and Heifers” – and the S. & M. club that woke up at night. In their place are glitzy art galleries, fashionable clothing boutiques and expensive mediocre restaurants.

The transition extends to the perch from which I looked down at the new Tesla showroom. Long ago it was part of an elevated train track that brought goods from the Hudson River docks to the commercial districts downtown. In more recent years it lay abandoned and derelict until the city approved its replacement with high-rise apartments.

In the nick of time, two young Chelsea residents saved it. They formed “The Friends of the High Line” group that won the right to create a new public park running parallel to the river. The park of that name is fabulously popular, drawing not only locals but tourists from every continent. On weekends the park is more crowded than the city sidewalks, but when I begin my walks at 7am, it’s wonderful.

The new Tesla showroom is long, narrow, classy and glassy. I saw two Teslas inside, an S and an X. Surprisingly, because there was no Model 3. I wondered why. But being an admirer of Elon Musk’s multiple achievements, I felt a personal pride that one of them was gracing my own historic neighborhood. So far, Teslas are rarely seen on the streets of New York. The Tesla showroom signals yet another change in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan.

Erik Brakkee says:

If you want to protect your rims, I would recommend good driver education and paying attention while you drive.

Mi Fu says:

You seem to be using snow tires in July.
Not cool.

J Priest says:

Are you taking the semi to the ABB FIA Formula E Grand Prix in New York July 13 & 14, 2019?

Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel says:

Hey! Who knew you were good at rim jobs? LoL!

Living One Day at a Time says:

Love the red 3. I would have chosen red, but in the heat of the desert, my red car would soon be pink. I didn’t like the look of the pearl white nor black. Black paint ends up cracking. Silver fades here too looking like a dull piece of metal. Sad they discontinued titanium–my favorite. So i ended up with the dark silver one. Blue looks beautiful in green areas, but out of place in the desert…my opinion. Not happy with the color i chose but is a color that does well in this heat and the fading isn’t noticable. My first choice would have been titanium and 2nd choice would have been plain white. Wish they kept these color choices.

I wanted white seats until i watch several videos on how they looked several months later. It sure would have been cooler in this triple digit heat. I decided on black and will buy seat covers i can wash and toss when tired of the look. Thus saving my seats wear and tear, improving resell value. Also going to buy steering wheel cover as one video showed how easy they rip/scuff.

Silver Charm says:

What is the brand name of the M3 tires? I noticed the tires on your car are made in Hungary. Do you have the original tires?

rl1111rl says:

OT: Can you show us how to remove the lug nut cover and center cap for the PREMIUM 19/20″ wheels?

Jonathan Cochran says:

Hey Zack will you test them out on a curb see if they work

fatboy19831 says:

The red is a good pick if you want your car to look “spiffiy”. No……just No.

Tom Raniere says:

The Red looks Great — and get the Red Caliper Covers to Really make it POP

Ron Consumer says:

Another way to protect your wheels would be to Plasti-Dip them in silver or whatever color your heart desires. It’s a rubber coating solution and will protect your wheels from even salt at the end of the season or if the wheel ever gets scratched you can peel it up and recoat it.

Michael Kelly says:

I learned the hard way that you should not use a metal cap on the tire inflation stem.

liutang says:

looks terrible

Marvin P Bungwaller says:

Red nice

Victor Seal says:

Clockwise is good in the UK also !

J & J says:

RED bro…… as nice as it can be for red Tesla M3

Belynda Cianci says:

I think we may have seen you on 495/93 interchange yesterday around 2:30??? Anyway we were SO excited to see the 3! Ours comes in a few months and we’re geeking out hard on all things 3. Love your channel!

Christopher Johnson says:

Those are silly, lol!

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