How to Use a Manual Tire Changer – Harbor Freight

Here is a video on how to use a portable tire changer made by HF. Also some tips and advice on how to install it. If you liked this video you may also find these other video’s useful:

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Marc B. Anthony says:

Yeah boy. Get that 20% harbor freight discount.

Cartoon Planes says:

No car guy owns a PT Cruiser.

Jim Hamilton says:

If I may add a couple of things that may help not to take away from the video it was spot on but I have found when I’m using the bead breaker I try not to place the tire to close the center pole. I place the tire so the bead breaker comes down at an outward angle and not straight up and down, this will drive the tool between the bead on the tire and the rim preventing the bead breaker from popping out on to the sidewall of the tire.
Also when you removed the back side of the tire you rotated the breaker bar counter clockwise this put you at risk of loosening the wheel hold down. Always work in the clockwise direction.
I don’t mean to impose I hope this helps.
Good video thank you.

mcloven Garcia says:

Pobre rim yale partio toda su madre …

ts6034 says:

I bought a Chinese tire changer and balancer off ebay. They were inexpensive and have performed well so far. I’ve done over 200 tires on them. Check out my review video if you’re thinking about going that route.

John Logan says:

OMGosh! This was painful to watch. Put the outside of the rim FACE DOWN!! This way the scratches & abuse will never be seen!!

Sr LiLLo says:

Not completely done by hand. Doin it the old fashion way has pretty much no damage to the wheel. But the bead breaker would be helpful

Roger Benson says:

Have you used this for run flat tires?

Eric Epperson says:

I work in the automotive field where we use Hunter and snap in tire machines and yes I know they are no where near cheap but this tool looks like a piece of junk, I mean is 32$ really worth destroying your rims even low end rims are most likley more than 32$ a piece so if you ask me for your own personal vehicle his tool is a horrible choice now if your doing off road or arc or maybe small mower tires etc this would be a handy tool.

Brandon Gchachu says:

thanks for the upload

jayjay slammer says:

Maybe he should have put the wheel facing down..

Paul Simon says:

use gloves

Walt Junovich says:

Thank you for the great video.
Good to see both processes of removal and installation.

noel leonard says:

Don’t use soap, spend a little bit of money and get the right stuff, a lot less fight involved and it will aid in making the bead seal better than soapy water, and that bar that comes with it is crap, decent on steels but no way would I touch an alloy with it. I chopped off that crap mounting end and made a no mar type mount end on mine, and put a section of that black plastic water piping over the demount end.

NNXGen says:

I feel like a good tip would be to put some tape on the edge so you wouldn’t scratch the rim

Jafar Martin says:

Far too much time, energy, and risk of damage when you can take it to be mounted and balanced pretty cheap. Not a good investment IMO.

Coop Crazy says:

Bye bye to beautiful Rims

TheHelado36 says:

That thing sure scratches some surface !

SP330Y says:

@Ratchets And Wrenches It looks like it is going to damage the alloy with the red bar directly onto the rims outer edge, does it damage them at all?

Billy Choat says:

It would work better if it was tight to the floor

TheNoobComment says:

nice for backyard mechanic stuffs and nice for making a new lip on your rim

Phil Bowden says:

Rough as guts job

Steve Riley says:

Worked ok on my Trailer tires. Not sure if it was because of the tires being for a trailer but e rated tires I could not use the hook to put the tire back on had to use the flat end . But with way worked fine and as expected. Also sometimes it would stick on the wheel weights but not a big issue

David Ha says:

Looks like the tire changer will scratch up the side rims.

Emilio Pérez says:

penoso chapucero!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Lewis says:

I’m curious if some thick duct tape would save the rim a little bit? Because that rim looks beat to shit.

Car Club says:

Jesus…with a proper wheel clamp, this process takes about 2 minutes

Skinner's & Webb's Projects says:

Amazing how people who know nothing make videos like this

gokblok says:


Rochester Thermal says:

Or, for $10 you can have it done at the local tire store and not ruin your $100 wheel. Good job on the demo tho.

Adam DiMaggio says:

Ummmmm OK….??? Now 1… Where is the Bead Sealer.. ????? .. 2 . where are you getting them balanced ? ? Any garage and or tire place will do it for maybe 20 a tire…. This is ok for trailer or lawn tractor tires.. wouldn’t use it for my car at high speeds..

Troy Balster says:

Man I couldn’t imagine doing that all day manually. The machines we have at work make it so much easier.

Jhon Malau says:


Lee Bagley Stuntman says:

Thanks for the Demo

ScrewsNutsAndBolts says:

Great video. I was thinking of buying a cheap one of these a few years ago, but I
figured I’d probably only use it once every few years 🙂

Jessica Crews says:

Takes to much time can do ten times as fast with sledge and two tire bars and not hurt rims

Clifford Watson says:

Wow you made this shit look so easy

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