How To Spray Paint Wheels Like a PRO!

Supply List:
Duplicolor Paint:
Duplicolor Clear Coat:
Masking Tape:
Wheel Brush:

In this video, I show you how to properly paint a wheel using spray paint. You can really get excellent results with the right preparation and a lot of patience. (FYI, if you get a little bit of over-spray on the tire, you can carefully rub it off with some sandpaper 😉

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Dianne Boden says:

Hi Justin was wondering if I have to sand all the previous clear coat off before spraying my base coat??

Tyler Scow says:

plastidip is what you find on cars in the ghetto


I can’t get the masking tape to stick to the tyre when masking off. Any suggestions? Great job by the way.

xXFaStLiFeXx says:

I followed all of your steps, but used white wheel paint then after I painted it I used the clear coat like it says on the can, “2 light coats followed by one medium coat” and after my first coat (the second coat then third) it started looking all baked yellowish white instead if the bright frost white.. So frustrating I thought it was supposed to be clear coat not yellowish… Anyways its not your fault its dupicolors fault for not making their clearcoat actually clear.. I will have to restart all over again and this time just use one coat of clearcoat. I’ll have to find a good product to eat away all this paint and do it all over again. :/

Zac says:

how man cans did you go through to finish all four wheels?

Rob tastic says:

This guy has a good way of explaining shit. I’m not looking to paint my wheels but I looked at the whole video.-_-

tigerpaw says:

that looks simply amazing. right on!!!!!

ProRockJK says:

A pro uses primer acetone
That cleaner will leave recede making the paint no sticking properly

Rotorage says:

nice job!!

Mark McCalla says:


masmainster says:

Great job!

John Babcock says:

Justin, Would like clarity on the two different spray cans of paint? Oh yeah, GO BLUE! Lol John

Samuel Belay says:

This is one long RIM JOB

christos roussos says:

great job ,5* LIKE A PRO!!!

Alex Qui says:

Do newer cars already have primer on the wheels? I have a 2016 malibu

Mario says:

1. Clean the rim
2. Wetsand the rim with 800 grit quality sand paper (some Rhino labelled stuff is great).
3. clean with alcohol or some other cleaning stuff
4. fill in curve rash and damaged parts with body filler
5. sand the filler to be smooth
6. clean again
7. primper
8. sand with 600-800 grit very slightly (like one quick run over the rim, so you don’t remove any primer)
9. paint

These are the instructions I got from my uncle who does body repair and painting. He primered and will soon paint the rims.

Chili Willie says:

Great job

# joshthegamer91 says:

Thst license plate tho

Jean Galindo says:

I need help every time I try to paint wheels while I’m laying down the coats it start looking sandy any tips on that?

agenthelios1 says:

I read on comments about people whining about the inside of the wheel. (Who gives a shit) when is the last time you even saw the inner part of the wheel, unless you are looking for something to whine about. Fact is he did a nice job and you cant tell the difference between this and a pro spray gun. Shit looks nice!

Sunil Benz says:

I like the way you keep things simple with great results! Keep it up.

Miguel Barinas says:

Hi Justin! I have a cuple of questions. 1- How many cans of paint you use to do all four wheels? 2- What is the time to do all four wheels?, I am planning doing this to my cars.

Thanks in advance


Angel Contreras says:

how do you take it off after words

Ace Futura says:

Pretty amateurish to not mask off the valve stem

illestprincess says:

When are you going to paint mine?

Miguel Negron says:

on point..

Matthew RK says:

JUSTIN!! I just made a video featuring your channel, as its one of my favorite car channels!! It would mean the world to me if you could check it out. Thanks dude and keep doing what you’re doing!

B Rich says:

So you don’t need to put a primer on it first? How many minutes apart should you wait between coats. Thanks.

Klub Houze says:

Nice job! I’ll be posting some similar DIYs. Check out our motorcycle content!

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