How to Repair Curb Rash on Alloy wheel rim

Complete guide on how to repair curb rash on a Alloy or polished edge rim!
Most modern cars are now sold with polished / diamond cut wheels so if you scratch your rim this is how you can repair!

My previous video on fixing curb rash on a painted wheel

Drill polish head Kit:


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Drew B says:

Excellent job. Great video. Thanks

Johnny 145 says:

Nice job might get a set of second hand wheel s and just do this

Rob Bean says:

I got a 2000 TL can do the whole wheel like that

Robbie B says:


Ionut Manta says:

Where are the Americans at? In all videos you hear a guy with accent.

csrgatorfan says:

At 2:24 he kicked it into ludicrous speed.

Mad4Motors says:

What type of wheels are on your car are they Diamond cut, painted or polished edge??

Fernandes da silva says:

Good video man ! Nice work Amigo!

Kyle Boucher says:

Hello, I have these exact same wheels on my 2012 GTI, this video helped so much. While I do want to do the full restore I also have another question. The center of my wheels are very dull compared to the rest of the 5 spokes, do you have any idea what that can be or what can help to get the wheel looking all one shade again? Thanks

Nurivan Dominguez says:

Thanks for sharing,
You have saved me from waisting $600 dollars to repair my wheels.

BertPle says:

This is no repair, this is sanding the scratches away. So now there is a low spot on the place of the scratches.

Achin Rexwal says:

What you have spary in last ??

vacantrider says:

Great video! Good job on the wheel mad.

Jim Walsh says: how you masked the wheel with the cards. that’s a smart idea.. Nice final result..

D'Artagnan Flattery-donohoe says:

I work at a wheel repair shop and yes if you don’t want to spend the money on your rims this is a easy cheap way, but just remember not to sand to much off as it’s very easy to do and it will now have a polished look not machine look. Not knocking your repair, as I said it’s a easy cheap repair

john ogurek says:

how does the clear stick to alloy wheels, most r alum and u need an etch coat for paint to stick.just asking??

philip.A O'Callaghan says:

I have exactly the same problem.. but not sure if ive got the balls to do what you have done..

Pup Pup says:

Shit tyres!! Clearly on a budget owner & driver!

Ali says:

Woooow great job. Looks like new.

bull shiyot says:

What do you call a 7 course Irish meal? A six pack and a potato..

Bryan White says:

Did a really bad one with this by HAND, turned out great ( stopped at the rubber coat). Certainly going power on my next wheel

tjf4375 says:

nice, but presumably you’d only be able to do this once – after that you’ll be taking too much off the rim and will lose the design edges.

Mcq Cjc says:

Diamond cut….u mean cnc. LOL

Eric Holt says:

Close to a $1,000 job.  Looks great at 8 feet!

The_ Joker says:

More like curb chunks! Your spacial awareness must be zero

Fabrizio Granata says:

una vera porcata….

Antonio Huerta says:

Did these wheels have clear coat before?

Ryuu says:

good way to destroy the balance of the wheel but it looks pretty.

Wil Badillo says:

Nice ! and if you want you can still apply wax after the clear coat after it cures of course !

B8Addict says:

I have the exact wheels!! Thank you for this video.. the edge of this design has fine lines if you look closely so Im assuming that will be gone if this step is performed?

william suleyman says:

Now thats what I like to see a simple no nonsense repair,,By a no nonsense Irish Fella,,Me wife liked an all so she did,,A Kerry Lass

KeKe says:

u scuffed the wheel and put clear over it? wont it be visible when its dry? or does the clear “clear ” the scuffed spots too?

Henry says:

Hey M4M, I just did this tutorial and it worked great! I think I keyed the polished lip a bit too much though and the scratches show underneath. Is the polished lip supposed to be keyed or just done lightly? I’ve still got 3 wheels to go!

MSi GS70 6QE says:

Teh tyres are right skinny .. best tyres are 18” not too thick and not too skinny

Victor K says:

Is it safe with this method on these completely polished aluminium rims? I have those rims but with curb rash.

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