How to repair Alloy wheel Rims without painting!

Wheel repair kit:

Today I show you how to repair alloy wheel rims that have become dull and corroded over the years, the process I use has only a small cost and involves no painting!

Products used: 180,240,400,600,800,1200,200 Grit sandpaper
White diamond Metal Polish
Rubbing compound Farcela

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iangwilliams8812 says:

Hi Mad4 I’m still your biggest fan. As per ZERO and below sez all you needed was 2000 grit then protect the finish with clear coat only. You’ve got three more to do?

K McD says:

I absolutely love your voice. And I really appreciate the videos. I took damage last night to my car as I Uber here in America. I was ticked to find out how much damage was done by a pothole. I’m happy that I didn’t have a flat. And I could continue to drive. The first thing that I looked up I didn’t care for. You’re the second one that popped up in the feed and YouTube. I’m so grateful for this information. It will be purchasing what I need this weekend and do a before-and-after and submit it. Thank you so much

dark solara says:

wow… great job!

Maxmeyer says:

You got them like a mirror dude. Subbed

X-Man says:

Assume you know but didn’t hear you say; Use ONLY aluminum oxide sandpaper on aluminum.

Trevor Rogers says:

Once again, I M P R E S S I V E !

TO NO says:


W9SY G says:

Which air compressor do I need to paint panels in my back garden

Dave Williams says:

Yeah i was wondering without clear-coat how is the wheel protected ?

Agus Eliyas says:

Superb finish

ChefG Romano says:

Do you wet surface before sanding and Do you clean in between each change of sandpaper?

peter gibson says:

the way a video should be made…

MrJordyOL says:

I personally don’t clear coat after a wheel polishing, It holds up really well, the only thing you have to do is keep the wheel clean most of the time, and don’t forget to polish it like once or twice a month if you have a mirror finish .

Michel Morrissette says:

A lot of serious work there.
I had a 1993 Honda Civic Del Sol, with custom clear coated gold painted and aluminum trimmed wheel rims, that I kept up very well for nearly 20 years.
Then the car got stolen in 2012, but the last 5-6 years I had this auto, the clear coated aluminum wheel rims started to show this exact same type of corrosion under the clearcoat. Just around the aluminum perimeter of the rims.
I wish I knew about this method then, although I would have done all this work and my car probably would have STILL got stolen and would have been even more upset than I was if I had done all of that work to get those wheel rims looking brand new, again!
How long long did it take you to do that one rim?
That wheel rim looks like a pretty large rim and a whole bunch of hard work and elbow grade to get it to the finished look you achieved.
The custom rims on my Honda were rims for R15 tires

arman adam says:

U should use a DA sander it’s easier

Martin Maughan says:

Good to see an irish youtuber doing this type of content… where bouts ya from?

Paul-Ivo B. says:

No clear coat afterwards?

Este guey dijo.... says:

yes around $10 dollars but a lot of elbow grease.

BlondeExplorer1 says:

Must you remove from the car? I have no way to do that and it would be crazy expensive to go to a shop for that service. Can the wheels/rims remain on the car for this procedure? Thanks

Steve Hannington says:

Really great video. I always learn so many great things. Thank you.

Stuart Gare says:

and they will go black and rot from the elements attacking the bare metal, guys don’t do this to your alloys – from a bmw painter

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