How To Remove Paint Off Your Rims (Fast,Easy,Effective)

Things You Will Need
2.Thick Plastic Container
3.Aircraft Paint Remover
5.Protective Eye Ware
6.Face Mask To Protect Yourself From The Strong Chemical Odor

My Rims If You’re Wondering Are 17”s’ ZR Rims They’re Mustang Cobra Replicas

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Israel Martinez says:

Thank you it works

Randy Lopez says:

I have half of the plati dip still left on my wheels if i were to apply this, will it break right through the clear coat? Or it doesnt affect the original paint of the wheel

K9 RULER says:

the only reason it came off that easily was because that was weak spray paint. never even had primer

Show Nuff says:

Wheels! Not rims

Rip ! says:

if igot30 inch rims how.much u think.i.should buy

Dylan Balcome says:

“you should wear gloves”

Proceeds to brush off without gloves and touches bristles during scrubbing. Ha

Thanks bro gonna try this.

h22sparks says:

As far as the acid shit always practice safety when dealing with corrosives eyewear and gloves and most of all an apron and facemask for the fumes. Better safe than sorry



Shiny Knife says:

Is it safe to use? I heard it was toxic as shit. Like are the fumes terrible if you do it out side? Did it give you a headache or anything? I’m planing on using it on my step bars on my truck. The owner before me painted the chrome with black paint

reetinder sidhu says:

What paint did you had on wheels was it premanent paint or plastic dip?

chrisvmp says:

Dos not do it in a car wash
Its not goog for environment

J Garcia says:

That aitcraft remover is serious chemical. i used it and the vapors were scary. also accidentally touched my nose with it and the burning made me run to sink. yeah protect eyes. theyll be gone beyond repair if it gets on eyes.

Miles Eston says:

Hey thank you. I have one room left that has f****** stubborn powdercoat on it and I’m hoping this stuff works or at least does a little bit of the trick

Jose Briseno says:

Yo bruh that shit will peel off your fucking skin .wear all the Personal Protection Equipment and gear.

Rogelio Morales says:

Don’t blame u getting rid off that paint colour mate,, lol

hama Chanel says:

Dude this thing is bad for your tire do some covering stuff

Stoogie Hat says:

Whats all that residue left on the wheels? Its like theirs grease or some kind of build up on them after you use the paint remover. Did you get it off? And what did you use to clean the rims after?

ZL1_BALDO 805 says:

will this work on powder coated wheels to?

Rogelio Morales says:

I have a question for anyone who read this. I just bought an audi a3 in light metallic silver grey, it comes with alloys the same colour but they are scrashed all over the place, so im thinking to repair them with aluminium filler. I saw this colour gun metal grey, do u think is gonna look alright?

IvannCastro says:

You got these on the rsx?

Cowboy says:

The word was “chemical”…

xenoblue says:

so fuck wearing gloves???

Michael S. says:

Amazon sells this, I just ordered a can to remove paint off the lip of my maxima.

Mike Williams says:

Trading currency not paying enough for new rims?

Island Mike says:

Still have a almost full can of this shit..Did absoluty nothing on my rims..

i main kayn says:

wear gloves you moron

Harry Mountjoy says:

Why not remove the centre cap

Jose Vaca says:

Was red paint oem

Rip ! says:

does it needbe in direct heat

TheMasterMoto says:

So much for wearing gloves…. Nice deep dish rims

Danny Quijada says:

does it scratch the chrome???

Miles Eston says:

On bare tire????? It eats paint. And rubber. Says rite on the label

Archie Cameron says:

nice job

Brandon Conway says:

Say I was to use this on plastics that I sprayed red, would it remove the factory colour of black underneath?

Jamie Carl says:

Yeah, maybe next time wear gloves and other protective gear before working with highly toxic chemicals. haha.

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