How to Properly Repair a Bent Wheel

There is a huge difference between “road rash” and a “bent rim”. The road or curb rash is cosmetic. It can be repaired in a DIY fashion in some cases. However, bent wheels will cause damage to your axles, bearings, and other suspension parts, aside from a wobble steering wheel. Find out how professionals repair my pot-holed rim and the steps needed to safely restore the integrity of my aluminum rim. Hope you enjoy! -L

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Torque_42 says:

Long story short, fix the roads.

Joseph Schneider says:

Great video.

Mkenya Kabisa says:

This tire and wheel guy is well informed .

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

Excellent job on the repair, I worked in the tire business for 10 years for Supershops Automotive Performance Centers, The Speed Merchant, The Wheel Works and Discount Tire Centers in the 1980’s, and I never heard that a rim can’t be at Zero out of round, Tires do have an imbalance, but that’s why we balance them after they are mounted. The factory dot on a tire should also be aligned to the valve stem of the wheel.


This is perfection but i guess it doesn’t really matter imagine the old cars they never had this high tech thing so I guess its all business

way2easy2love says:


vetteboy1024 says:

You always have the most educational and informative videos. Great job!

flyingbrick88 says:

that spiel about how a wheel has to be a little bent to balance out the Tyre….what a load of shit.

you don’t get the wheel to absolutely zero run-out because it would take you extra time and money (or be impossible) for no real world gains.

HiatusMobs says:

The Grand Canyon pothole lmao

George Patton says:

Any tips for removing an olive oil stain from seats? Thanks!

baladár kolompár says:

How to go to a shop where they fix it…

TheMurph303 says:

Can you do an update on the undercoating you did to the impala

ARFNSX says:

Very Informative, I never knew how wheels were straighten. I especially liked learning how tires are thrown out of balance from shipping and transport.

Robert S says:

how do you like those scorpion Verde???

John Mcgary says:

I’ve used a BFH before, got me home.

deanstrain says:

Will they work on ATV rims?

Ruben Reveles says:

video is good but didn’t show anything I wanted more from this

Andrew Bosch says:

at the ford dealer ship, we were trained to find the overlap in the tire and line it up with the valve stem, if you notice on new tires, you’ll see orange red or white dots, those are to indicate were the overlap is. If your overlap does not line up with the valve stem, how are you supposed to get a true balance. you’d be putting weights in 2-3 different locations on the rim. I wonder if this shop in the video knows this, because I didn’t see them touch on the subject during mounting or the balancing process.

Bisma Ak says:

Mario seems to know what he’s talking about and seems genuinely intent on having the job well done rather than rip the customer. keep up the good work Mario.take care.


This guy knows his stuff. You don’t get his knowledge without years of hands on training. I’ve been installing tires and rims 25 years and never thought of the steel bead getting bowed from bouncing it off the truck.

xoarz says:

3:07 love that Snap-On logo taped on lol

Michael Hennaut says:

you only need a hammer!

Dirka says:

Thanks for the information Larry! I always learn something new when I watch your videos! Love your products by the way!

molak34 says:

that excuse for leaving some runout is totally BS

Ngoc Huynh says:


Robin Budík says:

Wow these guys look so professional!

bern trailboss says:

i rather get new one instead get it fix

Kels Monti ひ says:

Theres that and theres Struts also which tend To damage more often to the rim itself, its not only New York Here in Rhode Island you hit the deepest potholes ever People like me have to see it coming because i have 235/35/17 theres very little rubber

John Morgan says:

Great video nice to get schooled about something I had no clue about. His machine is sweet btw

Spartan King says:

nice info but for me I hit hard with my giant hammer because I don’t have those tools and gas 🙂

licketysplick says:

roadforce balance your tires!!!

Lou Fazio says:

Done right! The only thing that I don’t agree with is the rim zero-runout balance statement. Fundamentally, it cannot be true; practically, it may be true.

Avodat says:

Hey Larry, could you please do a propper video on painting a car? What type of base coats/paints/clear use, what is the difference between lets say 2k, acrylic and standart paint and so on. Would really appreciate it becouse I cant find any PROs on youtube or in my area that would go as deep in the detail as you do.

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