How To Plasti Dip Your Rims (THE RIGHT WAY)

Some people may have different ways to plasti dip their rims, good for them. Just showing you guys how I plasti dip my rims, and how I get the results I get. You can see all of my work on my instagram –

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Vincent Jones says:

Lol. The right way? Take the wheels off the car and learn how to actually use a spray can. Those are not even coats.

Jeremy Busby says:

Have a hard time taking advice on painting wheels from someone who won’t even take the wheels off of the car and tape the tires up before painting them. Just my opinion, but seems like a big stupid short cut to me.

SkyJUSTIN6 says:

PLACE RAGS ON GROUND TO AVOID OVERSPRAY ON THE DRIVEWAY KILLED ME ya cant take the wheel off or protect car from over spray but the driveway the driveway needs to be clean

Drake Kleinsasser says:

how to get overspray on your car 101 lol

Still Mind says:

How long does this last for? Like does it fade away or scratch off or wipe off from rain etc??

tony velez says:

The right way would be to take them off. That way you can do the inside and be able to move the wheel around to make sure you got all of it evenly.

ian nick says:

The plasti dip, do we need to re apply after some months or years or its till the car die??

Hunter Akers says:

I don’t know what I would call that “THE RIGHT WAY”. Laziness by not taking the wheels off the car. Also not covering the car for overspray also isn’t a good idea. Yes I know that it’s plastidip but who wants to go back and rub overspray off. No thanks. I will take a couple extra minutes and take my wheels off and do it.

John Gotti says:

if you dont know how to take the rim off im sorry but you shouldnt own a car

David Russo says:

Easier way is taking the wheel off and prepping it then spraying it . Less to worry about with the internal parts of the brakes and what not

SuperMario13 G says:

Most BMWs don’t have spare tires and use run flats tires hence no tools to take the wheels off lol

Glenn Pineda says:

Why didnt u just take the wheel off?

Erika Deleon says:

Thank you tons. I’m about to do this myself today wish me luck lol.

Muhhamad Ogli-berdiev says:

Good video, but I muted the music – horrible music

John Williams says:

Great video on how to paint your tires

Jack Saindon says:

as a certified brokeboy this gon help me out a lot

Angel Valdez says:

The best way to do it is remove the wheel clean the same way he did but place note cards were rim and tire meet for no overspray on tire and tape off the center logo

Hague Films says:

How to make the video better ♤
1: Remove the wheel off the car
2: Should of masked off the body panels incase of over spray
3: Choose better music next time <3

jon20m says:

Never seen anyone use a thumb to spray paint lol

Amr Mokhtar says:

Horrible video lmfaoooo


Hey everyone! I just dropped a NEW, FULL step-by-step tutorial on dipping rims. Check it out here:

dekapitatorr says:

well,that was waste of my money. on second coat right side of rim start to pop goddamn bubbles. ..

Big Daddy says:

This is some tweaker shit .

msbeautifulll19 says:

How many can do you need per wheel?

Bernard Merrill says:

Yo great work. New subscriber

Vityaz Six says:

Cheap spray on expensive bmw rims.. stupid.

xavier wright says:

Just save up your money and buy black rims. It’s less of a headache TRUST ME

traxxasRCaddicts says:

As of today, 1,300 people know better.

April cocoa says:

So u left the BMW sign covered???

Yazz Ercan says:

Regardless of what you do plastic dipping is never the right way

Konstantinos Tselios says:

Wow I’m a painter and that’s just what not to do , you have to remove the rims tires of the rims clean the rims very well soap and water then with alcohol and few coats with the plasti, my professional opinion is the plasti is the most stupid thing for rims only repaint to last

C P says:

not the best way lol

CTAjunior says:

I had to revise my comment because I do realize sadly some cars don’t come with jacks and wrenches but.. word of advice, always cover the surrounding area (fender, bumper, etc.). Even plasti dip becomes extremely hard to remove when it’s not a thick layer. Plasti dio overspray is as hard to remove as tar spray.

D BO says:

Whose dat on rapping Dave East ? Good video thou

davefilms345 says:

Nice job, but I would of masked of the bmw center cap and that would have looked alot more better but they still look nice though

Stompy TheWonderLizard says:

What a shit video. Hey guys here is half the way how to do it. Idiot.


why didn’t he take the thing out so you can get all rim evenly so it look professionally done. hmmm sad.

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