How to Plasti Dip Car Rims – Matte Black Wheels

How to Plasti Dip car rims in matte black. An easy DIY. Plasti Dip can be removed if you don’t like it. This project took 2 cans of Plasti Dip. (*Please note: These wheels did not end up fitting on my 07 335i E93 as they were previously on my 02 330ci.)


MrBuzzialdrin says:

how many cans do u need for all 4 wheels.

paul savety says:

How did it hold up? Would you do it again?

Indy Max says:

Im in love <3

Stephen Martin says:

Man, that came out fantastic!

He Simms says:

This woman is pretty !!

antiergenable says:

i love you

Drift Garage Chihuahua says:


Takie Tam says:


Tim Hurst says:

There’s not one instance of black wheels that loom good. They always look atrocious.

Nate Skaggs says:

Great job. Turned out better than a lot of the guys around here! There needs to be more women out there like you 🙂 and I don’t just mean asian because my GF is asian but she is lazy LOL

Mithu Gogoi says:

does it affect the wheels anyways? like will it weaken the wheels?

Eli Fuqua says:

How many cans did you use for all 4 rims?

sm Mangat says:

your videos is wonderful and sexy like you

Darrick Lee says:

So this was 4years ago…
How long did the dip last??
Do you think it is worth it?

j w says:

How did you not spray over the BMW logo on the wheels??

Mauricio Mejia says:

How long did it last?

Santiago Martinez says:

Hey Tara I want to plasti dip my rims about how many bottles do I need? & also how long do you wait before applying each coat ? Thanks Tara I love your videos

Randy Ayo says:

I wish she would shake the can more

Karl Schwingshackl says:

Yes that video she took the Wheels of…. good Idea….

Black sun VW Empire says:

bravo maaala

Nick Jones says:

You did them better than that plastidip monkey with the biceps.

DenisTV says:

I’ll do mines soon!! Change your front bumper

Kanzee Davis says:

Where can I buy it from?

Dee Sauce Em Up says:

how many coats and bottles will i need ? @TVtara


tara is erection inducing at a glance hot. she gives me the yellow fever in a huge way

Joe Beef says:

What about spraying the inner part of the rim? I have 20 inch rims

carl stephanovic says:

next time please warn me before screaming into the mic. good video other than that.

Mr. Copacetic says:

Great job.

tjtomax says:

I’m going to be the first to say that since you only used 2 cans of black you will never be able to “peel” that shit off… you have to use a minimum of 5 coats to even have a CHANCE to peel it off easily. When I do my wheels I typically shoot for like 9-10 coats just because I know how bad it is to sit and try and peel this product off when it goes on too thin. And trust me, 2 cans is WAY TOO THIN

trumploy 77 says:

niceeee! ty for this

Adrian Pietrano says:

Ale zajebała zacieków xd

aman Pandey says:

hey Tara.. how many cans did it take to plasti dip your wheels?

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