How to Paint Stock Wheels Black

Honda prelude 1997
In this video I’ll show you how to paint the wheels of you car in virtually any color you like. Also skip step 6 if you want a flat black look.
IMPORTANT: Paint cannot take any kind of damage or else the paint will chip off. So when you are removing the wheel (future tire rotation) make sure you are careful.

Price tag 30-40 depending on prices of local stores
Items used
White primer 2 cans
Black engine paint 2 cans
clear coat 2 cans
index cards
sandpaper 320 grid

you can get the paint here:


If you guys have any question, let me know !

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Ahmad Azizi says:

Nice job ,but black looks like shit on black car, sliver is best for black

Seamus O'Leary says:

if you had hub caps could you just take those off and paint them?

caudillracing says:

I purchased some 17″ Dodge Stratus RT wheels at the junk yard for $30 a piece. Painted em black and put em on my 08 Avenger that had hub caps from the factory. Turned out well

It's not Rocket Science says:

looks nice. I will be doing the same to my Mazda3 but with a touch of Red as well, I agree to use a clear coat, not only looks better but adds extra layers of protection over the colour. One other thing I would do is colour the wheel nuts too. Cheers 🙂

Anthony Phillips says:

So for future reference if im changing my tires or etc. the paint will chip and i have to do it over again ?

Joshua Khan says:

just want to say, I own the same exact car and was looking for fucking ages for a video on painting these specific rims black…. I did it but it wore out and had Plasti dip as a base. sooo thank you!!!

BrightFuture4 says:

Is it me or is Micheal Cera doing commentary for this vid lol

Austin Jones says:

vary bad advise

Summer White says:

How many cans of each did you need?

Sani Laca says:

How many cans of primer , paint and clear-coat did you use approximately ?

W.H. Jamison II says:

Good Job! Thanks for the info saves me some bucks. I think I can rent jack stands for a day.

Gregory Finn says:

Is it absolutely necessary to take the wheels off when doing this?

Semaj Inge says:

Can you do this without taking the wheels off the car?

Claw says:

Do they scratch easy??

JL Blanco says:

Nice job kid, hater’s are jealous of you!! Keep up the good work!!! I will be doing my wheels just like you did thank you for posting!!!

Ru Rist says:

What product did u use for ur clear coat

Genaro Garcia says:

hey bro good video about how many cans u take to do this paint job approximately?

Brandon Jimenez says:

so can you tell me where would be the best place to buy the paint


Damn thanks !!! They look clean!!

Doug Milligan says:

Good video thanks

Alex Qui says:

White primer? So it’s not the white can of dupli color like on the amazon link you posted?

Zacktheax says:

Thats lookin mint, now you just need to lower it and youd be all set!

Joseph Payne says:

nice video.I’m contemplating on painting my rims thanks.

dbw471 says:

Amount of black paint, primer and clear coat needed for four wheels? Great video, ty for posting

KevlarKev says:

I wanna do this to my Impala rims

LEFTY LoCo says:

I have a Honda too! I want to paint my wheels. thanks for the video

Ayo Adrian! says:

does the gloss stay on after long periods of time after you applied on the gloss? did it last long on the wheels?

06141984 says:

Were did you buy the paint, primer and clear coat?

Bryant Louis says:

Good job

Norrest _ says:

This looks great I’m planning to do this on my car as well thanks for the tips

DsTAiiN8oh8 says:

Cringing watching this guy spray paint haha

Ricky says:

What if you don’t sand paper the rims? Is it bad?

Phamus R says:

good job

notafraid06 says:

Howd they hold up?

Travis woodbury says:

look better in gold or white or red anything besides black

Alejandro aka ColombianDaddy says:

Good job……. I want to know how the inside of the wheel looked after completing the paint job?

Phamus R says:

Batman lol

Alex Coleman says:

Thank you, this was definitely helpful! Gonna try today

Jordan Gomez says:

30 dollars to do a spray paint vs paying someone 200 dollars to do a powder paint. yeah I’ll go with the 30 dollars this looks pretty good if the clear coat is done,

radell mason says:

this shit looks good im going to do my accord

Julian Salinas says:

Damn you do great job man

redbaron2448 says:

Batman is Gay

Jaime V says:

Was going to buy some new rims for my 16 mustang GT, but I might give this a try see how it looks.. I’ll post some before and after pics if I end up doing it

Turuzà Petewon says:

Thanks for just save my day❤️

Carlos Ray Romero says:

can you come to Albuquerque and paint mine? looks nice

FrankieTheDude says:

what paint

06141984 says:

Thats crazy
You make a video on how to paint wheels then you get 133 butt hurt people Lol

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