This vid shows you how to install a knock off wire rim on your ride the right way just remember the white adapter goes on the DRIVERS SIDE and the red adapter goes on the PAS. SIDE


AztekWarrior says:

can i put 14 inch wheels on my 98 town car with spacers no hydros

Luis Martin says:

Lens eager good severe ship comfortable classical.

Andrewmk1 G says:

what can be done to prevent them from being stolen?..seems like anyone can just jack the car up and unscrew them….I’m hard of hearing so I couldn’t really hear anything he said..thanks in advance.

Jerry Cupcake says:

This is a great video. I just got some 20” 150 spokes for my 97 Towncar and did not know you had to do all of this. Thanks.

Sonic Shima says:

Great video!

Joe Louis says:

Man u never showed what side the rim was on that u was pounding on i thought u was on the white adapter the whole time!!!

Derrick Andrews says:


lopez lopez says:

spacers buddy i had that problem to put spacers

yashwanth reddy says:

Where we got
I mean how to buy

Shadow says:

If done properly, you SHOULD be fine.

sweepEaway says:

Nice video.. quick question so are these wheels easy to rip off?? You just got to remove the spinner and pop off the wheel?

finny414 says:

perfect tutorial, just slapped some 20″ fwd 100 spokes on my 79 toronado

mike steward says:

Hey dude do you use wheel bearing grease?

MasterMindsTV MasterMindsTv says:

So when I call autozone I ask for a simple basic lug nut and not an open end acorn 7/16-20?

jwill1782 says:

Great video question how do you remove the adapter from the hub mines keep spinning and I can’t break lugs

Kustom Krome says:

very informative video, thank you!

kerryhall says:

How often do you need to tighten these up? I’m driving my car about 150 miles a week, should I tighten em up once a month? Once a week? Thanks!

Mic Nonsense says:

This was an awesome tutorial. QUESTION: I’m a novice! I just grabbed a 95 Deville and are looking for some wire wheels. My car accepts 5×4.53s and I have access to 5×4.5s. Will the adapter you highlighted take care of that slight measurement discrepancy??

sputnic says:

Thank you
Is there a place where you can buy used wire wheels ? or would you only get them new ? I don’t know where to look .

Rafael Ortega says:

Old timer know!!!!

Don Harvey says:

Thanks bro, great video.

Edward Limney says:

everytime you change your oil is a good tip. What would be the most important thing to consider if looking to put on a 2014 model vehicle?

norlens noel says:

Do you torque the lugs?

Anyone use spacers on their spokes?

soccerfreak8911 says:

Put soft towel on the spinner before smack it down with the hammer

bravodylan1 says:

I got those same rims and tires on my 83 El camino

PABLO DIABLO 135 says:

are there a  size to the lug nuts??

Joshh Stone says:

hey man quick question do the centres spin on forward as the rims move forward when driving so they are like always tightening?

Michael Lebert says:

What causes those wheels to grind? I heard when certain rims dont fit they grind and cause a brake light I already got that i think with stock rims lol. Right now I have stock rims 225/60r/16 i believe

alberto grajedampt says:

R those 13×7 or 13×8

Old man rotz 2kAkckoak says:

Where can u get spokes like that man ?

chumps says:

hey playa you think you can help me out i live in the east coast and we don’t know hardly shit about lowriders but how do you balance them

bert alicea says:

How i get that look, i mean it looks like tire is thin at the tread and thicker towards the edges?

niceguy60 says:

Wait so the spinner is the only thing holding the tire on.

Oscar Jimenez says:

Would lock grease help them stay tight

Akiko Maki says:

Thank you so much for the video. I love lowriders and the whole style they have. I have been dying to find out how these wheels get installed. I am going to be buying a new car in a few years and am looking to set it up with a set of old school rims. From the looks of it wire wheels might work for me. Along with the old school rims come the old sizes (13, 14, and 15 inch), I like this a lot.

leon ramclam says:

The adapter doesn’t look centered it looks like the holes and the lugs don’t quite fit how would your center that

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