How To Hand-Wax Wheels & Rims – Chemical Guys JetSeal

Wheels are one of the most difficult things to clean and detail because of the wide variety of shapes and styles. Some wheels feature tight spaces between spokes, and complex contours and grooves.

Watch as Greg shows how to spread sealant (synthetic wax) over a wheel by hand, without any applicator pad! Simply spread sealant over all wheel surfaces like lotion and rub it into the metal to ensure an even coat. Waxing by hand ensures a good feel and even application, and using the fingers makes it easy to spread sealant over hard to reach places, like the back side of spokes and wheel hubs.


Luis Gonzales says:

why are u all idiots talking about his mustache, wut does that have to do with waxing ur wheels!

chops1sc says:

Looks like Freddy Mercury’s illegitimate love child….

razz wilmz says:

Brake dust does not corrode.
That stuff is a waste of time

Toobs138 says:

Is that like ammo nyc wheel stuff?

PowerScratcher says:

The wheel just washed and dried then jetseal applied??

David Bailey's Custom audio says:

Will the jet seal work on an all Crome rim as well ?

CdnTDog says:

Nice to see they let Greg’s dad come in and do a video. Been using Jetseal on my rims and they keep them safe through a Canadian winter.

Michel Narbonne says:

Please take of this moustache bro.

The Mater says:

I never thought about doing it by hand. Thanks!

Mike Sorrentino says:

The ‘stache is back!

Brett T says:

I’ve got an idea for a good video CG’s. Do a video on how to remove wax/polish stains from plastic and rubber trims. Not one of these videos just covering the stain up but actually removing the dried on wax completely. WD40 seems too aggressive to me.

Ivans Bikes says:

Good tips!

17RedHorns says:

CG Jet Seal + CG ‘Tache = simply superb….!!!!!

hooliganSKATE says:

I for one think that mustache is legit

iiLead says:

About how often would you apply a sealant to the wheels?

msmit1993 says:

Next video: How to hand wax a mustache. 😛

Josh says:

Everyone just ignoring that paedophile moustache?

Al Roslee says:

Can i just use butter wax?

Ian Stevens says:


Pete Rassias says:

Lovin the stache greg!!

Skulltrail PB says:

#PornStash swag

Stephen Bill says:

Once you apply jet seal, the next time you clean your wheels wont the wheel cleaner strip the sealant?

Brian Russell says:

Nice technique with the nitro gloves and using your hand and fingers to get into the tight slots and spoke areas. Thx Greg.

madmacstx says:

The stash and Warrents cherry pie, can you smell what he’s cooking?


Pedo Stache tho?

Mrunal Trivedi says:

Great Tip but what happened to the video quality?

Mike Sorrentino says:

Have you guys done a 50/50 comparison for the jet seal on paint? Maybe a demo of water beading off of the jet seal side and water on a side that has no protection?

Gigine Ahmad says:

stop washing car & go back training, Jordi Alba!

Amit Saini says:

That tash..

Rjtees says:


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