How To Clean Your Wheels/Rims: Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener

THE pH SCALE IS MEASURED 0 – 14 I APOLOGIZE I MIS SPOKE! Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener is the one and only way I, as a professional detailer, will clean wheels! It is absolutely the best product I have ever used for rim and wheel cleaning. Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener is an acid based wheel cleaner that is extremely effective on road grime, dirt, and most of all brake dust! We all know brake dust is an exceptionally difficult thing to remove… but this product will change that completely. Watch this video as I explain with my simplified approach not only why I use Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener, but also great information about wheels, brake dust, acid based cleaners, pH balanced cleaners, and more! The more you know, the better job you can do! Also it was brought to my attention, I mis-spoke accidentally, the pH is measured 0-14. If you would like any of the products or tools in the video, use the links below:

Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener:

EZ Detail Brush (for in between spokes):

Soft Wheel Scrub Brush (and wheel well brush kit)


gaspar nevarez says:

Do you recommend using wheel brightener on powder coated wheels?

Ekam24 says:

Will be these safe on a powered coated candy apple red rims from the factory?

Sam Abed says:

Luke, your videos are nice, but total copies of autofetish detail. You should at least give Darren credit!

Vincent Valentine says:

Megs “hot rims cleaner” is very basic. I tested it recently and its super basic. I’ve personally haven’t heard of pH neutral wheel cleaner probably because they don’t work lol. Its gotta be one of end of the scale or the other to actually clean. Also the scale is 1-14 not 1-12. Thanks for the video! People fear what they don’t know.

MTM Porsche says:

I called Meguiars about wheel brightener and they told me that if I use it it would damage my brakes and could damage the Coating on the wheels on my 2017 Porsche Macan. To only use there hot rim aluminum wheel cleaner.

Larry iguidez says:

Very nice, learning a lot men. Thanks for the videos.

Mark H says:

Do you ever use a chrome polish on chrome rims after you use the Meguiars wheel brightener?

Albert Mashburn says:


Sagi Shimshon says:

you really need a mic

Nino Brown says:

wheel not rim

Miguel Pereyra says:

good info keep it up . let the hater hate just do you

Sam says:

What spray bottle are you using for your wheel brightener?

Ty Torrance says:

great video do u have an instagram account?

Jeremy A says:

have you ever tried Biotech? They sell an awesome wheel acid. I never tried maquires wheel brite seems like that stuff works awesome too.

Jason Smith says:

I like that you are intelligent and can speak to everyone in normal terms and simultaneously not condescending…and very detailed explanations!

95tt says:

I my mind wheel brightener works with chemistry and detergents, while ph balanced only rely on detergents. An easy way to look at it atleast. A good detergent can also do a good job. Never used wheel brightener, but been happy with p21s and rim7

B Fielder says:

Do you have any issues using that spray bottle gunking up with the Wheel Brightener?

hakman239 says:

If your wheel have been kurbed and you use an acid wheel cleaner it will react with the kurb on the rim because it’s bare aluminium nothing major

AWD Fanatics says:

Is this product safe for plasti dipped wheels?

john jackson says:

Probably one of the most informative videos on this subject I’ve seen yet, enjoyed and keep them coming

Quipii says:

you should remove your explanation and misinformation about pH neutral products and the pH scale in general. Sulphuric acid comes in plastic containers. The plastic bottle that product comes in is coated on the inside with a coating that isn’t damaged by acid.

J_slayer 1337 says:

So its good on every type of rim even aftermarket ones?

Leo Yarbrough says:

can you use on tires

Lucas Ornelas says:

I was curious is , is it safe for the tires as well since they get super dirty ? would it be to harmful for the rubber?

Lars Dahl says:

0-14. 7=Neutral <7=Acidic. >7=Alkaline.

kevin kurt says:

Thanks for the tips!! But I was looking on something else. It’s beautiful thanks for sharing!!!

Dylan Garcia says:

Thanks for all these videos ive picked up a lot of awesome tips from you! Greatly appreciate it. Have already subscribed and hope to see all the videos you have on here!!

Gotallofthem1 says:

Since this is an Acid based wheel cleaner; would you use this on “uncoated wheels” (no clear coat), or on “powder coated” wheels?

I mean you say you used it “every single wheel”, I just want to make sure you mean you also used it on the two types of wheels I listed above, thank you.

What kind of Tripod do you use when you need something Taller (when you are standing) do you have a link to it.

Igbo Prince says:

Boy, you talk too much. You’re talking to people that do the same thing as you. No need to over explain. Not hating on you, bro. Keep on keeping on. But, dude. About six minutes into the video and you’re still talking. Get to cleaning, that’s why we’re on these videos.

Jack Set says:

is it ok if i spray it on the tire?

Spencer C says:

I am a 16 years old and have owned a full service mobile auto detailing company in south Florida for 3 years now. Just discovered your channel and subscribed. Your detail philosophy is so similar to mine! I loved your talk at the beginning about the wheel brightener! You nailed it! I also watch Darren Priest with Auto Fetish Detail on YouTube. Have you watched Darren’s videos at all? I love his channel. He cuts the B.S. and tells it like it is like you do, your words sounded familiar to his so I was just curious if you follow him at all. Congratulations on your business, it’s nice to see another young kid getting out there and making it happen like me! My friends think I’m crazy. LOL

waleed al-jasser says:

why is he tea baging the viewers hahah


Everyone freaks out about acid based wheel cleaner!! Haha

Sam says:

Have you ever used the meguiar wheel brightener on powder coated wheels? I have a matte black powder coated wheel, can I use this product? Thanks!

Big Swoll says:

Great video and very informative. I’m not a professional detailer or car cleaning expert, but I have been cleaning cars / trucks for last 40 years so that gives a level of experience and expertise that I’s like to share. Many of the products I seen endorse in these videos work great, including this one. But they are somewhat expensive and harsh. Not to mention, do not get this stuff on your paint or unfinished aluminum or certain wheels.

I’ve been using Simple Green for over 20 years and there isn’t a better wheel cleaner out there that it. It’ costs much less than all of the other products that are designed for one thing and it is also an excellent tire cleaner and de-greaser. One gallon of concentrate costs about $12 and can be cut 3-to-1 to make 4 gallons of cleaner. It works just as good as anything I’ve seen in any of these videos, and is harmless to hands and car finishes; and you only need to use on product for tires and wheels instead of two.

Try the Simple Green. Its cheap, fast, safe and very effective….

Viking Man says:

Nice job, Luke on all your vids. Love them and love you doing them. Thanks.

Dave Bliley says:

Keep up the good work. However if I was to use this product is it necessary to apply a wax or sealant on the rim after cleaning? I assumed I would have to but you would know better. Thanks

Shawn Peters says:

Wilson, how much did you pay for your Camera setup?? What programs do you use for video editing? Interested in starting making videos myself. Thanks!! Also looking forward to your review of the Drillbrush. I just got mine and took down my interior time from like 45min to 15min 🙂 AWESOME tool!!

Execute Tourneys says:

I’m going to buy this and the purpose cleaner! Haha

brandon records says:

Hey man, have you ever messed around with any of that iron x or iron off wheel cleaner stuff? I currently use the meguiars wheel brightener, but I’m just trying to figure out if there’s any additional benefits to using the iron off in combo with it. Seems by the videos I e seem that the wheels come out looking almost identical from both of them by themselves. Many thanks

trapcracker says:

Sweet video buddy. You should do a video showing all the products and tools you use.

Msportfmc says:

You are trying to hard to be darren priest from auto fetish detail

Ruben says:

Is this safe for my 2017 Chrysler Pacifica limited 20s

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