How to clean your car rims and save money, time, and effort

Washing the rims on your car or truck can be a challenge. Brake dust, combined with other road grime, is abrasive and does not wash out of most materials. Many products are used to clean rims (chemicals, brushes, cloths, rags, mitts, etc…), however, using only a natural sea sponge and regular car wash soap will complete the job more effectively and save you money, time, and effort in the process.


xcvsdxvsx says:

Sounds so much like a sales pitch, but since its so extraordinarily unlikely that you have some sort of vested interest in sea sponge sales, I believe every word of it. That must just mean you really believe in it. Thanks ill give it a shot.

Scoobie Steve says:

I love how you demonstrate how to clean rims with a perfectly clean rims already. lol I do agree with the sponge though, cloths hold all the dirst and debris right on top and will eventually start causing abrasion. ..please though for next time use a dirty rim to show conclusive results thanks

Anthony Biggs says:

I came Here because I saw a mk4 jetta with long beaches. but learned a lot. thanks much man.

ducksdontdrown says:

Frank, First of all thanks for a great video.  Where else can I find these sea sponges and how much are they ?

Nicholas Miranda says:

cool video

RedThunderheart says:

Outstanding video…..thank-you very much!

sunflower says:

What happened to u ? You were doing awesome videos 🙁

Ghana Mafia says:

Lol….just get black rims and use only degreaser…GENEROUSLY spray the degreaser.. L.A’s Awesome Degreaser at the dollar store for 1$…leave over night…and power wash the next day….VERY EASY….SIMPLE…..NO SCRUBBING……NO SPONGES….NO SOAPY WATER MESS…NO BUCKETS…NO SQUATTING AND KNEELING…..2% work…98% results…and they you can spray on some black shiny wax spray or PLEDGE spray after……boom…done….fast….

Frank Gibson says:

Because I’ve had so many people asking me what type of sponges I use and where I get them, I’ve decided to post the link here and save everyone some time.  I use the Natural brand sponges that I get from Amazon ( )  I use the “Wool” sponge (which is the softest, most absorbent and safest I’ve found) for the finish and the wheels and a “Yellow” sponge (which is a bit more stiff and dense for better scrubbing) on the tires.  This isn’t some kind of endorsement, it’s just what I use and they work great for me.  I hope this helps and answers everyone’s questions.  Thanks for watching.

Gotallofthem1 says:

Just so you know the “grout sponges” that they sell at the Home Depot or Loews work the exact way as that sea sponge.

Once dunked in the water and squeezed and rubbed on the grit guard, you will notice that they release the dirt right out.

Jack Thompson says:

Great video, I’ve always used sea sponges to wash the car but never considered using them on the rims…amazing they can release brake dust.  Thanks!

compleckz says:

Great video and very informative man. Thanks!

Hung Dung says:

Too much explained too much talk
Get into the point

UBERaf says:

The BEST video I’ve seen so far (the third I’m watching). Thanks so much Frank this is going to help my business TREMENDOUSLY! Save money, time & effort. If I could give you an award, I would! Looking forward to watch more of your video, keep up the INTELLECTUAL APPROACH to finding NEW BETTER WAYS. Big props Frank!

Touzi D. Rafa

Blazin4qb says:

Amazing!! thanks for the vids!!! i will pass the info on to friends and spree the word about you channel!

lura garcia says:

thank youuu

Novaside Studios says:

Nice dub i have one too

Dana G. says:

I really like your videos, very informative… can I ask why you don’t do more? Thanks!

Wtftool says:

Out of all the vids i watched on how to easily wash my rims this was thr best vid. Easy and smart way to do it.

St White says:

Besides being good advice this video should be used as an example of how to make an instructional informative video.  I’ve seen professionally produced videos that were not up to this quality.  Keep them coming.

laosmouse215 says:

Awesome vid!

Jeremiah Kotey says:

Great trick!

MsEcstreet says:

P.S. Frank Gibson – I’ve just added this video to my Y-Tube “Favorites”! I plan to view this video many times over and share the link with others. I hope to view many more “how-to” video’s by you on other automotive topics. Thanks again & keep up the great work!

sambking says:

Brother, you are THE man! Nice tip! Thanks for the effort!

ThaBestStarks says:

Long time, no see, haha! Nice to see you doing another video! Don’t stay away so long next time. Great video!

MrNightpwner says:

Your channel is way under rated. It may serve a niche group of those who care enough to do the work themselves, but still. Keep the vids coming.

MsEcstreet says:

This is the BEST video on tire cleaning I’ve viewed on YouTube! I love intelligent instruction that is both informative and well imparted in clear, simple terms.
Frank Gibson does just that in this researched, knowledgeable video! He gives clear, simple reasons why his technique works, and then gives a demonstration to support his technique that is quick and easily executed. I spent a great deal of money on different tire and rim brushes but, thanks to Frank Gibson’s informative video, those brushes are all going back! I’m saving myself some money and getting an ecologically-friendly alternative to achieving beautiful results on my rims thanks to this video by Frank Gibson. Way to go Frank–I, my wallet and rims thank you very much!

Question Asker says:

Should I use the two bucket method when washing my vehicle ? What would you suggest I use for my vehicle to dry it ? I currently use a absorber xl.

theory816 says:

Tar x and Iron x are not harsh chemical products and they are great products. In fact, a lot of the chemical products used on cars are not damaging. I was one of those guys who thought chemicals would damage car because common sense but a lot of products are develop with non damaging to car in mind. I guess it also depends on what products you use

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