How to clean wheels like a pro! I will teach you all the tips, tricks, tools and products that you’ll need to clean your car’s wheels properly. After watching this video, you will also be able to clean your wheels like a pro!

Having clean wheels is important to insure that your car keeps a nice appearance. But the main reason for cleaning your wheels is for preventative maintenance. Over time, break dust sits on the wheels and the iron particles (brake pad material, metal shavings off your rotors, etc) get embedded in the wheels’ finish. The heat and friction generated by the wheels makes brake dust a highly corrosive mix. The iron particles can oxidize and start to rust on the surface of the wheels, and they can eat into the coating and pit the metal of your rims!

Frequent cleaning of your wheels is the only way to keep your wheels safe. In this video, I will share with you the best way to clean your wheels. You’ll learn all the techniques, tools and products that you will need in order to have clean rims. And it’s actually quite easy!!

I’ll show you the 5 basic steps on how to detail wheels and tires:
Rinse the wheels to remove loose dust and particles.
Spray an iron remover on the wheels to eliminate brake dust.
Wash the wheels with a quality soap and appropriate brushes. Don’t forget the tires and fender wells.
Dry the wheels with a microfiber cloth or a blower.
Apply a tire dressing to restore a deep, dark shine to your tires and protect them too.

►Here are links to all the products and tools used in this video:

►Links for US:
Wheel and tire brush:
Fender well brush:
Brush for exterior part of wheels:
Brush for interior part of wheels:
Wheel Woolies brushes:
Microfiber wash mitt:
Microfiber cloths:
Metro Blaster Sidekick compact dryer:
Specialized wheel shampoo:
Wheel cleaner:
Sprayer bottle:
Iron remover:
Other wheel cleaner/iron remover:
Wheel dressing and protectant:
Applicator pad:
Wash bucket:
Grit guard insert for wash bucket:

►Links for Canada:
Wheel and tire brush:
Fender well brush:
Brush for exterior part of wheels:
Brush for interior part of wheels:
Wheel Woolies brushes:
Microfiber wash mitt:
Microfiber cloths:
Metro Blaster Sidekick compact dryer:
Specialized wheel shampoo:
Wheel cleaner:
Sprayer bottle:
Iron remover:
Wheel dressing and protectant:
Applicator pad:

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Rey Recommends says:

So just a question as a detailer would you leave the brake dust and debris on the driveway for the customer if you’re doing mobile detailing or would you washed it off into the grass or into the street?

passat vw says:

Hi What wax do you put on your rims? I also saw some people put on CarPro HydrO2. Is that good to

pill28 says:

Why dry them if you didn’t wash the car yet

Canada One Way says:

I have a question for you. Are we allowed to wash the car inside the garage with all the chemicals and shampoo.

Aldebaran Carlossi says:

Hi Pan great video!
Btw, I m curious where you are from… According to your accent I guess from the Balkans?

Harlem IntheBuildn says:

Great Tutorial. Thanx

Jason Rebelo says:

Stumbled onto your channel by searching “ammo wheel cleaner”, good video, and Canadian with Amazon links for Canada! good job haha great vid.

Dy says:

Hi Pan,
Great video!

Pls help answer two quick questions for me.

1. I bought Carpro Iron X Iron Remover b/c of your Black M3 detailing video – can that be used on the wheels too? (instead of me having to buy Chemical guys specific wheel iron remover)

2. You used the diluted WHEEL ….cleaner to clean the TIRES…. I thought that was odd. So is it really a wheel cleaner or is it a tire cleaner? (Your black M3 full detail video used the McKee’s tire rejuvenator)


Deangelo Almeus says:

love your videos bro, keep it up

Ian Alipio says:

I subscribe

Francisco Ferreira says:

So panfessional!

Todd Halstead says:

Once again Pan, great video.  Really like that you include all the links, keep up the good job!  FYI we now have 16″ of snow and a bad sheet of ice under it all.

kevinsfamouschili_16 says:

Question: if you wash your car once a week, should you be spraying the iron remover every time or will that frequency be too much?

Brian Westfield says:

Holy fcuk. After watching this, it made me realize I don’t think I can afford to clean my wheels lmao.

Sergio Matencio says:

What is the difference between a wheel cleaner, wheel soap and that iron-reacting product?

Mohammed Faraj says:


Outdoor Explorer says:

I would use the wheel brush than using the wash mitt because it removes alot of mud and sand. I used to wash a large suv and i use a fender brush

Witch King says:

Great videos in 5 mins!!! Less talk and more work. Other videos takes so much time to watch that goes up to 20 mins.

Rob Moogan says:

what is in the bucket? just soap and water?

Fabian Dottin says:

Thank you Pan. I’ve seen you use some blue wedges to give the wheel some height to dress it, can you give some details on them

Jennifer Maxwell says:

pan just subscribed excellent videos☺

Jeff Wald says:

Hey Pan, I’ve used Armor All Extreme Triple Action Wheel and Tire Cleaner on our Fusion and it does well. But would you advise against it for the painted black rims that’ll be on the Mustang? I obviously don’t want to damage them

Stastro says:

Nice looking wheels on your BMW man. You ever mess with the Sonax Wheel Cleaner? That stuff is pretty amazing.

Chuck 9Deez says:

Good job brother !

Paolo Panetta says:

Hey Pan, Love your videos and just had a quick question relating to this wheel cleaning video. How do you get around the issue of brake rotor rust accumulating whilst cleaning your car wheel, and then when you drive for the first time your wheels get coasted with rust from rotors? I’ve seen this product, any thoughts? Hyde’s Serum Rust Stopper. Thanks Paolo

F30_ T says:

Hey pan. I love these videos but I may ask, how do you keep your bimmer clean. I have mineral grey as well and I can never see it super clean and glossy

Zach Hinton says:

Hey Pan do you ever ceramic coat wheels?

Clint L says:

Another epic video tutorial Pan. Are they are a studded tyre(tire) you’re running?

chipdouglas35 says:

I saw you use Car Pro Hydro2 on clean wheel (I think it was that VWGolf R you did earlier this spring). Is this something you usually use on freshly cleaned wheels ?

FG RM says:

Do you still use the chemical guys wheel cleaner for the tires too? Have you tried Adams Tire and Rubber cleaner? Im using that now with a tuff shine brush and cleans the tires very well. It has a citric scent and produces a lot of foaming and when the tire is very dirt the foam turns brown to let you know how dirt the tire really is. It leaves the tire in a oem state.

Shahid Wadiwala says:

Boss u r lucky enough to have these detailing products in my country these products are very hard to find

sergio gonzalez says:

3D detailing products check them out

Michael 732 says:

Another great video Pan. Thanks

MarylandDevin says:

I’m new to your channel but I can tell you have a lot of knowledge and passion for detailing. I’ve been out of detailing for about 5 years since I went back to college and had a beater car, but I used to be obsessed with it and would have friends asking me to do their cars all the time. I Recently bought a new car and now I’m catching the bug again. I really enjoyed your how to apply ceramic coatings video. I have never applied one but now I’m considering it. I need to restock a lot of my supplies as they have either dried up or ran out. I’m curious if the CG iron remover can be used on paint like you did with “Iron X” in your ceramic coating video, or if you prefer one over the other. PS I also watched your how to start your detailing business; this has always been in the back of my head, and I found the information helpful. Keep up the good work.

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