In this video, I review some of the most popular wheel cleaning tools on the market; the EZ Detail Brushes and the Wheel Woolies.


Link to most of the tools/products I use:

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Oscar Gil
Auto Detailing Business Coach
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How to clean dirty car wheels and tires


Altima NEO says:

So large EZ Detail brush, or the mini? Opinions?

Rashawn T. says:

How do you remove bugs & tar?

Darren S says:

Why on earth would you wash the car before the wheels ???

Andrea says:

So wheel whoolie is a brand?

Ronald Suluki says:

I purchased both because they both have different capabilities for open wheels to multiple spokes.

Michael Hinchey says:

what are your goto latex gloves and what mil?

zeroturbulence says:

I started with the EZ Detail brushes but after I discovered how much the big one slings back stuff all over me and my clothes I ordered the Wheel Woolies. That slinged brake dust does not come out in the wash either so the clothes are ruined unless they’re black to begin with.

Sick Detailing says:

whats good for tree sap other than alcohol?

Roger Roger says:

Of all the detailing videos I have watched on YouTube, yours by far are the ones I learn the most from. Thanks so much for all the great videos you have posted. Honestly, you’re the greatest.

Show Off Reviews says:

nice video i did one of my own check it out if you have time …

R. Taylor says:

I gave my woolies away…went back to an old tee shirts/rags and soapy water for maintenance and a cheap sponge for dirty rims..for more complex rims woolies are useless and don’t hold up…I did give woolies an honest try and the are not for me…on high end details I’m taking the wheel off anyways…tee shirts / rags are more flexible don’t scratch and are cheap…just my opinion…I think it’s just another gimmick, more shit to carry and once you realize they’re more of a pain in the ass than what they’re worth, you’ll stop using them…save your money

abu razz says:

Now i’m not no detailer but id like to think i have a decent understanding on this matter. 2 things, firstly…. its common practice and makes sense to clean and protect the alloys before you wash the bodywork for specifically the reason he mentioned – he didnt want to get any of the dirt to sling on…cant be too careful there and secondly…..Wouldn’t it be better to work from back to front of an alloy, or else your just working back on your self??…..Just my thoughts…what do people think?

Joseph Dell'Aquila says:

Hey Oscar I found that ladder at Home Depot on sale for 29 bucks thanks a lot appreciate it

John Perez says:

For the barrel of the wheel, I use the Speed Master. For behind the face of the wheel, I use Wheeo Woolies.

Jeff Pierson says:

youre making me want to start a detail business.

carlos aparicio says:

thanks you oscar for you video you explain the situation very good

Jonnie Bangkok says:

Doing tires and wheels last…WTF?

The2basic says:

Great review and advice.

Breckin fidler says:

What do you do with your mite and brushes after you use them and get them dirty

regiotexas says:

I have ez detail brushes too

Brian Woods says:

Wheel whoolies are on another planet compared to the EZ wheel brushes I think.

trapcracker says:

Loving these cleaning videos! I’d love to see a video on all of your tools/chemicals.

Turese Nga says:

Since you are a mobile detailer, are you using the clients water? I feel a little uneasy taking on this job simply because i feel like I’m being dependent on their resources

john jackson says:

Oscar, really enjoy watching you’re videos, very informative

N. 2. says:

dude slow the fuck down when you speak. stop trying to rush through the video

Ruben Ortega says:

Good job bro! Really helpful information!

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