How to Clean, Remove Rust, Restore and Polish Chrome Wheels – LIKE A BOSS

In this video I am going to go over how you can clean, restore and polish old dirty and rusty chrome wheels. But this procedure will work with any metal like stainless steel, aluminum (bare metal not aluminum wheels), copper, zinc etc. This is a safe method that will not scratch your chrome or metal as long as you follow the directions in the video exactly.

Here is a list of Tools and Products Used in the Video:

Meguiar’s Car Wash Soap:
Soft Wheel Brush:
Microfiber Towels:
Foaming All Wheel Cleaner:
Metal Polisher Used in the Video:
Super Fine Steel Wool:
Safety Mask (Respirator):

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lostintime86 says:

some people just love to hear themselves talk…

XxLONESTARxX 1990 says:

What do you recommend for alloy wheels?

maryam mohaghegh says:

awesome videos! thanks!

mywordisfinal says:

Just use Simple wheel acid. dealerships like mine use it all the time. Spray on then count to 10. spray off. That easy.

gamepro9505 says:

I just bought an old saturn sc2 to learn stick shift and my brother said the car has trouble accelerating probably. could this be due to the clutch slipping? we also have to rev it more than normal to get it going in first.

Alex T says:

Makedonec !!!

1822 B.V. says:

I’ve watched a few of this guy’s video’s and he obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing. Pretty much everything he’s doing is wrong. Just watch Chrisfix and Ericthecarguy and some carcleaningguru and just forget about this so called expert.

NewCanadianMotors says:

Hi. We are using many of your technics at our used car dealership. We all thank you a lot. On the other hand, we usually get lots of car with damaged aluminum rims. Deep scratches, scuffs, … Can you put a video on how to fix those? I assume sanding and …….. and paint then clear coat. I hope you can do a video. Thanks

Toonses says:

it will just get dirty again within a week so i dont bother.

ThaDoctor Returns says:

I hit a pothole in my 2010 Escalade, cracked the rim. I ordered a used one off Ebay and it was tarnished and had hard water spots. This method did the trick exactly, now all my rims match and shine like new.

John Wright says:

What about using a MOTHERS power cone??

batterista says:

Can you do a video on repairing rust bubbles on car body?

Paco Spray says:

Thanks for your videos !!!

wyattoneable says:

I’ll be able to flip some cars with that trick. (ha ha)

Ol James says:

A car dealer i know used to say, “Shiny Sells”…

dana44s says:

Awesome video! I’ve always had a hard time getting chrome wheels clean and shiny again. Next you should do other types of wheels (The ones you showed that weren’t chrome) because brake dust and all that is annoying~!

48tats says:

tried on a section of my rim and it left it dull?

Anthony Palafox says:

That rim came out really nice. Awesome video.

Joe R says:

Nice job..guy is really at home with his elements. ..thumbs up

T J says:

Hey they look like the wheels stolen off my truck………bad boyz bad boyz….what ya gonna do….

Chris' Gaming & Tech Tips says:

sounds a little like hike the gamer or crazy Russian hacker

JD Weaver says:

Jesus man. All you did was clean already polished wheels LoL

Eyad Jam says:

Awesome , keep it up .

Andrew Oliver says:

What advice can you give on aluminum alloy involving oxidation?

Dennis Tucker says:

One of the best automotive channels on youtube! Right up there with Eric & Scotty.

Son of a Zombie says:

Will the steel wool and polish work with alloy wheels?

Jerry Porras says:

i thought he was josh peck

FL1PN0S1S says:

chrome…not chrome. chrome…not chrome.

James Callahan says:

Ratchets and wrenches, have you ever tried pumice hand cleaner on chrome? Discovered it by accident years ago, works just as good as the metal polish and you wouldn’t need the steel wool. Give it a try sometime. Jim

kevin dowling says:

thanks ratchets

moshe2002 says:

how much to clean all 4 wheels ????????

mary bradt says:

thanks for this video …my husband will be buying a 1982 avanti soon and from the looks of it , the chrome bumpers are in dire need of cleaning and or restoring…. but its really too expensive to have them rechromed so this will be our first line of action !

Urbano Jr. Pinto Detchoso says:


pei broker says:

thank you …

Jeremy Allen says:

What about alloy rims what could u use to clean them and make them look good

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