How to Clean EXTREMELY Dirty Wheels

In this video, I show you how to clean brake dust off my BMW’s extremely dirty wheels.
►Sonax Wheel Cleaner:
►Chemical Guys JetSeal
►Wheel cleaning wand

Camera Gear I Use:
►Canon 70D:
►Canon 16-35mm lens:
►Sigma 30mm lens:
►Rode VideoMic Go:

Music Credit:


Lone wolf says:

Just in a few seconds I was convinced to subscribe

oghyanos3 says:

waste of time, it will be like that again in just a month

kelvins auto channel says:

cool video man

Nikopers Reikä says:

why can’t i use a new teethbrush?

Alex Thomas says:

that wheel brush is a bit sexual.
I’ll use a towel.

shylildude says:

nice rimjob

Exterminence says:

Cool! I gotta get me some of that Sonax for sure and the sealer. One quick question…why not start with the inside of the wheels first then work your way outwards? After all, that’s the filthiest part of any wheel. But that Sonax looks like good stuff. Thanks for the video!!

What is My name? says:

that jet seal will last about a day on wheels xD

Tom H says:

good video man. finally someone who can put the music at the right level so you can hear dialogue.

Miles Williams says:

Save the money and get your tracking fixed on your car, then change your tires !!!

Robbin vd wijgert says:

jetseal ?

Abraham Carreras says:

is this safe on chrome

jasonjinx says:

nah nah you need to hit it with the spice weasel…..BAM!

tucker196 says:

Is Sonex safe for chrome rims? I have a Dokota RT and I’ve never cleaned the back of my rims yet and they need it

Myasa Man says:

But still, this Sonax is incredible

John Baker says:

Nice video I think I’m gonna look into these two products but how do you think they compare to the product used in this video

radzio2k says:

u didn’t see ” EXTREMELY Dirty” wheels…

Simply Tuned says:

My wheels were bad on the inside, I spent two hours scrubbing them down with steel wool

Pinkamena Diane Pie says:

We have reached levels of clean that shouldn’t be possible! XD

ya boi yosif says:

ey anyone wan’t some points on appbounty use my code fzsrqbsa

Sneaker King NL says:

Nice vid, I did like to see how powerful the Sonax spray actually is. Works pretty good. But (yes, there’s a “but”), you can’t clean the wheel completely (and good) by just using wheel spray. You need more than that. A) wheel spray is pretty agressive, i never use it. I also use Sonax, but just shampoo. A not agressive shampoo for paintwork. Works excellent. B) Rinse the wheels off first, after that use a washmitt to wash the wheels properly. If necessary, use a wheel brush to get into the wheel.

WOLFEY643 643 says:

How to clean kidnap wheels

Atlantic Carrier says:


Cecil Ramirez says:

Brown Royal. works very good.

Luc Blank says:

pls just pls buy a damn high pressure hose (note idk how to spel it im not english)

G un says:

I want to make friends with you

Peter Peterson says:

All you need is a good acid and a pressure steam machine. Taking me max 10mins to clean a rusty mag to new (if the rust hasnt eat the mag yet lol) and adding protection. Im working with the Optima Steam DMF Diesel 😉 But i do agree it makes a good job when you dont own a steamer i just dont like the time it takes lol

Bobby Brian says:

u do it wrong : 1. wash the rims with presure water to soften the dust , dirt, brake dust
2.apply the sonax
3.after 10 min wash the rims with presure
4. repeat 2 and 3 if thw rims are very dirty

suf79 says:

When did pewdiepie start doing car videos?

andrew powers says:

Looks great I’ll have to try it myself


wish every driver did this changing tyres would be a clean…er job

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